30 Mar 2013


So this year I was in charge of getting everything ready for easter. my mum spent the last two weeks in brazil and I made it my goal to get everything ready for when she got back. 
I actually really enjoyed it, I had a little help from my dad aswell who took me to the chicken farm to pick up some eggs and things like that. but I have to say I did quite well.

also I have been watching the eggslive thing on the channel 4 website, the ducks are my favourites! you can still watch some hatch here if you fancy it. (I'm not being paid to say that, I just think they're cute)

there will be a whole post about easter in Austria coming up after all the celebrations. aswell as a recipe post for my hot cross buns. but for now I thought I'd share some pictures of my preparation with you.

let me know what you have been doing to prepare for easter!


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