25 Mar 2013

Favourites #2: GREEK SALAD

I admit this is not a very spectacular favourite, but as a mentioned in my intro (here) not all of my favourites will be very gourmet or anything. they are just things that I love and most of the time there's a little story behind it. there definitely is one to this favourite.

My parents have been taking me to greece ever since I was born, I was born in january and were in greece sometime in the summer and we always used to go back every year and when I was older I went with my dad and I loved it. I've always loved it and it makes me kind of sad thinking that I haven't been for quite a while just because there have been so many other things happening over the summer, so I really hope I'll be able to go back with him sometime soon. I really miss greek food. and there are some things that you just can't make yourself.
but luckily there are some things you can make yourself, and this traditional greek salad most definitely is one of the best examples. me and my mum always make this at least once a week when it starts getting warmer outside. we'll have it with some baguette and enjoy the lovely weather. I just love everything about this salad, it's so simple and it can be a meal by itself or a lovely side if you're having a bbq. and it will always remind me of the lovely days in greece and the lovely sunny days in austria with my mum.

Greek Salad

for one small bowl

1/2 cucumber
1 onion
3-4 tomatoes
1 green pepper
100 g feta cheese
olive oil

simply chop up the veg into bite sized chunks,
I always start with the onions and then work my
way through the peppers, cucumbers and lastly
the tomatoes, simply because they leave all
their juice on the board.

then I mix the veg with oil, vinegar and salt.

I then cut up the feta cheese and arrange it
on top nicely. that's what they do in greece
aswell, but if you want to mix it in you can,
but be aware that it will break and stuff.
so if you want it to look pretty, put it on top.

you can then garnish it with some dried or fresh

enjoy with some bread or by itself or as a side
and with your favourite summer drink of choice.

Magdalena. xx


Just Me Leah said...

I love Greek salad. I had 2 glorious weeks in Corfu as a teenager and loved it.

Wonderlusting said...

amazing how the simplest of foods have such strong memories attached.

Magdalena said...

I know, whenever I think about what I love the most, it's simple things most of the time.

Magdalena said...

it's just one of those things that brings back so many memories isn't it? :)
btw is the disqus working ok? xx

Just Me Leah said...

Yes it is! I remember eating chunks of feta smothered in lemon juice. We pinched the lemons from someone's garden :) Welcome to club Disqus! x x

Magdalena Hannah said...

oooh that sounds amazing! I could eat feta all the time! thank you, I really hope it stays like that. it's just so much easier :) xx

Just Me Leah said...

I love Disqus and wish everyone had it. Being notified when someone has replied is SO useful! x x