27 Mar 2013

TAG #1: What I Never Did Before Blogging

Today I read this post by A Bit of This and That and she tagged everyone who would also like to do a "what I never did before blogging" post. I really liked the idea and thought I would give it a go.
Obviously her blog is a beauty blog and mine isn't but it's about blogging in general and I found it very interesting to see what has actually changed since I started blogging last summer.

definitely go and check out her "what I never did before blogging" beauty edition post here.

What did I never do before I started blogging?

before I started blogging I never made people wait for their food because I had to take a picture first. also I never really took pictures of what I was eating when I went out for a meal, I do every time now and I try not to care if people look at me weird.

at La Crêperie de Sophie here

I didn't make as much of an effort arranging my food. of course I like it to look nice but when I just cook for myself I don't bother that much. but ever since I started blogging I always try and make my food look nice for the pictures and I enjoy it.

Chicken Korma here

Banana Chocolate Chip Cake here

I definitely got more creative when it comes to food ever since I started blogging. I always loved trying new things and making recipes up myself but it's definitely more of a regular thing now and a lot of them actually go quite well.

Also, I started taking my camera everywhere just in case I might eat something that's worth photographing. The camera on my phone definitely isn't good enough for things like that.

Since I started blogging I started to bake a lot more. I still love savoury things and cooking more than cakes and things (I know my blog is called Lullaby For Pies, but that's a different story) but I actually really enjoy baking now and I've found a way to be creative when doing it.

Summer-y Peach Cake here


I got a lot more into social media and that kind of thing, I have a facebook page and I'm on twitter and all those things which is just interesting to experience.

I have met so many lovely people since I started blogging, and I love getting great feedback. I love telling people about products and places I love and it's so great to see when people enjoy that. most bloggers are so lovely and it's great to experience that.

Sooo that's all I can think of, it was definitely a lot of fun thinking of these things and I also tag all of my lovely blogger friends and everyone who wants to do it to do a post aswell. and definitely go check out the original post I linked before. if you do a post let me know in the comments.


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This is a great idea! :)

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