12 Jan 2013


So this is a meal I made a while ago for a football sunday by myself.
I really enjoy watching football at the pub when I am in the UK and since I couldn't get the atmosphere I thought I could at least try and get the pub food.

And well this is what I came up with, I thought it would be a little boring to just make normal chips so I kind of made something up myself and I made some chicken in breadcrumbs myself which was really lovely. I also made a simple sour cream sauce with some herbs, it's really light and also extremely easy, just use sour cream or greek yogurt, and add some herbs and salt. done!

So I thought I'd share this with you in case you fancy something homemade for a holidays football day, whether it is just for yourself or you share it with some friends. I hope you enjoy it.

Pint O'Chicken Schnitzel Bites
for two

400 g chicken
1 egg
oil or coconut fat

simply cut the chicken into small pieces (basically
as big as you like). season them with some salt and pepper.
you'll need three little bowls, one for the flour, one for
the breadcrumbs and one for the egg.
light beat the egg with a fork in one of the bowls.
pour some flour and breadcrumbs into the other two.

heat some oil or fat in a non-sticky frying pan.

take one bit of the chicken and put in the flour first,
cover it all over and then put it in the egg, make sure it is
all covered in egg too and then put in the breadcrumbs.
when it's all covered, put in the frying pan and 
fry on one side until golden, and do the same on 
the other side.

do so with all the chicken bits.

Pint O'Special Chips
for two

3 big potatoes
2-4 tbsp flour

this is really simple and lovely. 
start by peeling the potatoes and then grating them.
to the greated potato, add salt, nutmeg and any other
spices you'd like. 
add some flour to help it stick together.

heat some oil or fat in a non-sticky frying pan
and with a spoon make little pieces of the 
potato mixture and place in the pan.
fry on both sides until golden.




Bintu@recipesfromapantry said...

Yummmmmmm. Love the nake as well.

Mi Ka said...

Una fantastica idea! Tiene que estar riquísimo! Un abrazo y encantada de conocer tu blog!

Bintu@recipesfromapantry.com said...

Love the name I meant to say. I think I was over excited by the food :).

Magdalena said...

thank you very much :) I'm glad you like it. xx