1 Jan 2013


I thought I'd wish you all a very happy new year and thank you all for reading my blog and giving me feedback.

2012 has been a good year, this summer I started my blog and I didn't really think too many people would care, but I started it because food is my passion and I wanted to use the internet and its ways it provides to share things with each other.
My goal here is to give some people who sometimes don't see the beauty about cooking something to like about it. And give those who already love it some new ideas.

I can not ask all of you if any of those things have happend, but I know from some people that they liked my recipes and enjoyed making things themselves, even people who don't usually enjoy cooking too much found it inspiring. And in the end it doesn't matter to me how many people like my recipes, if there's only a few people who enjoyed them then that's great and I know I did something not completely useless.

I really enjoyed those months I have been doing the blog for, I have always been in love with making lovely food but this gave me the chance to try even more things I wouldn't have tried otherwise.
I love taking pictures of the food and making it look as great as it deserves.

Another thing I really enjoyed was telling you all about great places to eat and travel to wonderful places. I've been to the UK several times this last year and to France and I had wonderful food everywhere I went.

I too want to thank Geraint Photography for doing some lovely shots for me, I look forward to seeing a lot more of his work on here in the next year.

As for 2013, I am looking forward to trying new recipes and visiting new and exciting places and share all the food with you.
I hope I can get some more people to enjoy cooking a little bit more and just give all of you some inspiration, and myself.

Maybe some of you would like to have a look on my Facebook or Twitter and see all recent updates on there.

Thank you all for your support, and I hope you have a happy 2013 with loads of great food!

Here are my five favourite recipes of 2012 
(including links to where you can find them)

Peach Summer Cake

My Chicken Korma

Pizza Pizza + My Pizza Sauce

Lemon And Sage Chicken + Meditarranean Coconut Rice

Christmas Leftover Lovelies Sandwiches


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