4 Nov 2013


'It's our fuel, it's a social bond and for many of us it's a happy place. Today we celebrate food'

today we celebrate food. this is just the right thing for this blog and I am really happy that it's back in the challenge, in may I posted this beautiful recipe in this category.

today however I am going to be doing something a little different, it's something I've been meaning to do ever since I moved and stopped doing 'a week in meals' posts, which will be coming back by the way. 

today I am going to be posting a kind of summary of the meals I've had ever since I moved. I have taken pictures of most of them as I've gotten so used to it but just never had time to post a week in meals, so I thought I'd do this instead to not waste all the lovely pictures. I've chosen some of my favourite food moments and there will be a story to every picture and some eating out recommendations aswell.

my mum's first dinner in Manchester

my mum came to visit me and my new town only a week after I moved here and I was so happy to be able to show her around. on the first evening we went to TGI Friday's as it's a place we'd been to in London and we love. they do really great food and sing a lot of birthday songs to people (can that many people have their birthday on one day?!) it was a great evening with my mum and I can't wait to go back with her sometime (because really as nice as it is it's just not in my budget).

our first sunday lunch at the new house

since one of my housemates had never had a proper sunday lunch we decided we had to introduce her to it, and we did so properly. yorkshire puddings made by a yorkshire women, amazing beef (thanks to my housemates mum) and looaaads of veg and mash. that's what I love about sundays.

Jamie's Italian with my mum

definitely one of my favourite meals so far. those are the two things we had for starters which are crispy risotto balls with arrabbiata sauce and same fried gnocchi which I can't seem to find on the menu anymore hence the bad description. the meal was great and the King Street restaurant is so beautiful, I just want to eat there every day. which of course I won't but I do really want to.

so those are some of my favourite impressions so far, let me know if you liked this post and if you want me to maybe do those kinds of posts more often? thank you for reading!


this post is part of the Blog Every Day In November series.


Kimberly A Edwards said...

Yum... Great post, Magdalena!

NicsNotebook said...

Making me hungry! I really want to go to Jamie's Italian - never been!

Claire (@Kurea_San) said...

Your Sunday lunch looks amazing - very professional!
Claire xx

jessica knox said...

Sunday tea looks yummy! xXx