3 Nov 2013

#BEDN - LIGHT (a candle wishlist)

'Happy Diwali! It's the Hindu festival of lights. Whether you are Hindu or not, let's think about light'
 A Candle Wishlist

now, first when I saw the topic for today I really didn't know what to write about, but then it came to me, candles. it's this time of the year again where it's grey outside and dark most of the time so it's lovely to have some candles around to light up the mood from time to time. 

1. Spiced Apple Halloween Jar Candle - Flamingo Candles
I first found out about this company over at love, Tilly and fell in love with it. I've not tried any of the candles yet but if I were to choose one it'd be this one. for me this sounds more like a christmas scent than halloween but really I don't care, I just love apply in every shape or form and you just can't go wrong with flamingos ever.

2. Jam Scented Candles - dotcomgiftshop
aren't these cute? I just love the look of them and the scents also sound pretty nice, especially the apple, again.

3. Cheesecake Crunsh Candle - Flamingo Candles
this is another flamingo candles one and I just had to include this as it sounds so delicious and I thought my blog readers would like the sound of a cake scented candle (just as much as I do!) this sounds really nice to me actually even though I'm not a fan of really sweet smells I think the notes of this would be lovely. I'll have to try it.

4. Market Peach - Bath And Body Works (found on ebay)
now this is not really an autumn winter scent, but I love peaches and I've been wanting to try this candle ever since I first heard about it. I am not going to as I can only really get it on ebay but if you ever find yourself in america would you mind bringing one back for me?


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Leanne at Knit me a cake said...

Hi Magdalena, I love your theme - a really different take on 'light'. I'm a bit fan of a Yankee Candle and was super excited when they opened a store in my hometown recently. Leanne at Knit me a cake x

Janey said...

I have never heard of Flamingo Candles before, but I love the flamingo on the side! So cute!

Janey x

Leah (Just Me Leah) said...

Those dotcomgiftshop ones look amazing! x x

NicsNotebook said...

Ooh candles are my fav for autumn/winter!! SO relaxing :)

Hannah Karim said...

The flamingo candles look amazing!