2 Nov 2013


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I'll be honest here, I was going to and really should be posting a recipe today but since I actually made something different the other day I really wanted to show it as I'm not usually one to make things that aren't food.

It was halloween and me and my housemates thought we'd do some pumpkin carving. now I never used to really celebrate halloween back home, I've carved pumpkins before but the online time I really did it was last year with my boyfriend and it was great. (the really cool one on the left is the boyfriend's by the way, he's certainly the talented one)

and after that I thought it would be a great idea to give it a go again this year. not as much planning went into it I have to say but I spent all day trying to figure out what I wanted to carve and then basically decided about five minutes before the carving started. I ran up into my room, took a picture of my textbook and used it as a template (can you guess what's coming now?)

yes! it's a heart! (well done to those of you who actually guessed it, many of my friends didn't but I assume that just means that my skills will have to improve next year).

however, I am actually really proud of it and it means I shall always remember the shape of the heart and where all the important things are and stuff. so yeah, that's pumpkin revision right there.

and here's the other thing that I made which shall be in a recipe post really soon. it won't be halloween anymore then (since it's not even halloween anymore now) but pumkin is yummy all year around right?


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