4 Jun 2013


what's a warm spring/summer evening or afternoon without a lovely cooling drink. but ever so often we reach for those drinks we can buy in bottles those of which not only account for more calories and sugar than we would want them to but also cost way more than for example a student like me would want to spend on something that's gone within a few hours.
and that's why I came up with this little recipe which is of course nothing too new or creative for anyone who's made iced tea before and it won't be very different from anything else you can find out there. but I made it and loved it so I wanted to share it with everyone who might still be looking for a lovely iced tea recipe.

Lemon and Lime Iced Tea
1 1/2 l water
1 tbsp loose leaf black tea with flavour or without
1 lemon
1 tbsp lime juice
1-2 tbsp honey
1 - 2 tbsp sugar (if you want)
ice cubes

mint leaves (optional)

boil the kettle and make tea (as you do) as strong as you like it to be. I used Harrod's Mango Tea (which is basically black tea with mango flavour) which I can't seem to find online, sorry. but you can use any normal tea you like basically. 

then you'll want to add the sugar and the honey for them to be able to dissolve properly. you can add the lemon and lime juice now or after you've left it to cool down, doesn't really matter. leave the tea to cool down at room temperature. I know many people just add ice cubes and drink it straight away but I like to leave it for a while as that makes it too watery for my taste.

but I do have a little tip for you when it comes to iced tea and ice cubes. use some of the iced tea you just made to make ice cubes. it will keep it cold but you won't lose any of the taste.

once it's cooled down, you can serve it straight away with some ice and mint leaves or fill it into a bottle to store in the fridge. enjoy on a hot day or on a cold one to make you feel more summery. 



Sunae @ Little Foal said...

I never thought to freeze the tea into ice cubes before! I'm an iced tea addict, and make it all the time through summer :) xx

Rhiannon said...

This sounds and looks deliscous. I love the flavours of citrus fruits, you can never go wrong with them. We've been drinking loads of ice tea in the sun recently. I'll have to remember this one, thanks for sharing x

Magdalena Hannah said...

it came to me while making it and I thought it was genius. always gonna do it now! :D iced tea is the best :D xx

Magdalena Hannah said...

so true, they're very refreshing. :) glad you like it x

Lucy Chapman said...

Ooh this looks delicious, I love ice tea, never tried making my own though xx

Magdalena Hannah said...

you should try it, there's nothing easier, and it tastes better too :) x