26 Jun 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #2 FUTURE HOME: KITCHEN

I did my first wishlist last week (here) and very much enjoyed it so I thought I'd do another one this week. I am currently collecting ideas for my future home and I wanted to share them with you. I don't know yet if I'll have my own place in september but I definitely will sometime in the future and even if I'll live in halls in my first year at uni I will definitely need certain things there to be able to survive and most importantly, cook. 

this is why I started my 'future home' wishlist feature with the room that's most important to me, the kitchen. I love looking for kitchen stuff and could do that for hours, well I do it for hours if I get the chance to. these are some things that I either really love or really need and most of the time it's both. you can expect me to do a second kitchen feature in the future because I keep finding more things that I love.

1. Blue Kitchen Sign - dotcomgiftshop
isn't this french style kitchen sign adorable? I want one of those for every room one day, but the kitchen is the most important. I'm in love with it.

2. Pistachio Cutlery Set - dotcomgiftshop
after I kept annoying the boyfriend to decide on the colour scheme for the kitchen, we both agreed on green (which I had secretly already decided) and this cutlery set definitely goes with the theme and has a lovely vintage look.

3. Heart Chalkboard - Next
a chalkboard is something I've always wanted in my kitchen as I want to write some food ideas and little messages on it. when I saw this lovely one on the next website I knew this was the one.

4. Floral Tray - Cath Kidston
we're back to floral, we have a floral tray at home which I absolutely love so I definitely need one for my future home too. I'd use it to serve sandwiches or muffins.

5. Apples and Pears Tea Towel - dotcomgiftshop
something fruity for the kitchen, also going with the green theme (at least one of them) and I do love apples and pears and definitely need some lovely tea towels. is it just me or are there just so many cute tea towels out there?!

6. Ivory Kitchen Scales - dotcomgiftshop
scales are something I'll definitely need, even though I can make my pizza dough without them I can't make a cake without scales, no way. I know there are very exact digital ones out there but I'm in love with these kind of retro ones, they're also a bargain!

7. Floral Storage Tins - Next
I'm in love with storage tins in general and could buy so many of them (not that I have bought any yet). these are definitely pretty and green too (at least some of them) and floral, a winner!

8. Floral Food Containers - Cath Kidston
back to floral again, I definitely need some containers, I know they don't need to be that fancy and I'll probably end up just buying some cheap ones as I wouldn't spend the money for things like that, wouldn't mind them as a present though. I have to keep my soups save.

9. Pastel Spice Tins - dotcomgiftshop
these lovely pastel and beautiful tins are probably one of my favourite things on the whole list, I love spices and these would keep them safe and pretty.

that's my second wishlist done and I'm definitely in love with all of these items and hope I can get hold of some of them for my future kitchen. also I can't wait to share with you the wishlists for other rooms, let me know which one you'd like to see next. also let me know what you think about these items and which is your favourite.



erica said...

i just bought those containers!

Magdalena Hannah said...

aaaah how cool! jealous! x

bethan said...

Is it bad I want everything?!

My one top tip if you do end up in halls is to keep anything nice (that you couldn't bear to get ruined) in your room. I had quite a few bits ruined by people who simply didn't know stuff like sharp knives and non stick pans do not work well together.

I think if anything, I'd go for the scales as they are very old school/vintagey!

Magdalena Hannah said...

not bad at all! just means we have good taste ;) oh yeah that's a really good tip thank you, I really don't want anything destroyed. x

Just Me Leah said...

I would probably buy all of these things! You have great taste. x x

Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you so much :) I wish I could buy all of them haha :D xx

Becci Charlton said...

I would literally buy EVERYTHING on this wishlist; 3, 8 & 9 are my favourites! xxxx

Magdalena Hannah said...

9 is definitely my favourite too :D xx

WhyIamnotSkinny said...

we just bought a chalk board for our new kitchen!!! (like #3)

Yunie said...

I love a good wishlist (I have a wishlist spam category on my blog!) I particularly love the cutlery you've chosen, my kitchen is next up on my home making to do list and I have almost everything else I just need to arrange everything that will be on the countertops and get a decent set of sharp kitchen knives ...

Y Techbunny.net x