16 Jun 2013


it has definitely been a while since my last week in meals post which is not actually because I didn't take pictures of my meals (which I do, all the time, just in case) but just because I didn't get around to posting them. with blogging every day in may I didn't feel like posting two posts every sunday because really, who would read them, and after that I just had to get back into blogging again properly but now I'm back with a week full of food and a bit of random things about my life.

I took my IELTS test last saturday so I can hopefully study in the UK in september, so fingers crossed the results are ok, I'll be getting them in a week so I'll let you know. otherwise there hasn't been too much going on, after my test I had some time to relax, go to uni and just have a lovely time with my friends. knowing that I will be gone in september makes me appreciate them even more and I am happy about every minute I get to spend with my favourite people. luckily the weather has been nice again too which allowed us to just sit outside and talk for hours.

let's get on with the food now shall we, and I'll be back with some more stories next sunday (hopefully).

on monday my mum asked me if I could make food for the both of us, I cook a lot of the time anyway but I thought I'd make something lovely and healthy so I made a simple asian style sweet and sour wok with chicken and veg and I believe she enjoyed it. I also made hummus and had it on bread with tomatoes and chives. (you can find the recipe for the hummus here as part of my healthy snack series).

as you can see I went a little hummus crazy on tuesday and had it twice, once in the morning and once for dinner, but oh well, I love it. for lunch I made chicken in polenta with swiss chard and feta I shall post a recipe for that soon. as a little treat I made myself some simple banana and strawberry ice cream.

surely one of my favourite meals of the whole week, swiss chard with potatoes and greek salad this is something they serve as a side dish in croatia and slovenia and I'm just in love with it, I need to grab some swiss chard more often. and then I had the usual whole grain bread with hummus and a carrot. not that I always have a carrot, but I seem to love them lately.

thursday I made a lovely lovely broccoli and courgette soup which I will be posting the recipe for tomorrow, I had it with cottage cheese on whole grain bread. in the evening I went for some bread again, with cottage cheese and cucumber and some carrots and olives on the side. and because it's summer now I had a slice of watermelon for dessert.

on friday me and my mum went to a lovely buschenschank and had brettljause and a lovely apple and cinnamon cake for dessert, I was so full after that. I've written a whole post about that meal and the place here just in case you're not familiar with some of the vocabulary.

saturday was my lazy day as I was up far too long on friday because a friend of mine has just finished her exams and we were at hers for some celebration. and I am 21 and apparently going to bed at 2 am makes me incredibly useless the day after, who knew. I did manage to warm up some of my broccoli and courgette soup and have that with cottage cheese on bread and a carrot. I somehow even managed to make lunch for me and my mum, nothing special though, just a turkey steak with rice and tzatziki and my mum made some salad. since I was craving something sweet later on I grabbed some raspberries and made raspberry and mint ice cream, recipe will be up soon.

and here we are, it's sunday again. I started with breakfast and made myself a lovely raspberry porridge which has to be one of the best things you could ever eat in the morning. I shall be posting a recipe for that as part of my breakfast series soon. for lunch I made some turkey and pea pods in mustard sauce with carrot and courgette rice which definitely only sounds fancy because it's a very long name, it wasn't fancy but it was nice and just what I needed. 

so here we are, that was another week full of food. do let me know if you enjoy reading those posts or if you'd rather I do a meal of the day twice a week or something. also, as always, let me know which of these you'd like to see a recipe post about. hope you've had a lovely week and I wish you a lovely monday tomorrow.



Tilly said...

You live such a delicious looking life! x

Magdalena Hannah said...

thanks lovely :) xx