24 Jun 2013


I'm back with another week full of lovely meals, a day late but if I hadn't mentioned it nobody would have noticed right? well let's just keep it to ourselves now shall we.

it's been a lovely week even though it's been boiling hot all week which is something I don't deal with too well. we have all been waiting for proper summer and when it comes around we complain that it's too hot right? but in my opinion up to 37°C is just too hot, there's no denying it.

anyway, the hot weather made me get back to basics food wise and just wrap up a salad quite often which is very convenient as it's mostly healthy and really quick too. paired with a lovely fresh drink and some fresh bread it's definitely my go to summer food.

I've also had some very good news last friday which you can read about here. but now let's get on with the food.

monday is already the first salad day of the week and this is my creation of a greek salad with a twist the twist being some extrawurst. doesn't add to the healthiness but surely to the tastiness. to go with that a jug full of cold water with mint and lemon and that hot day can't do you any harm.

I have a mission, this mission is to beat my silly iron deficiency and save money. ideally in combination. which means that pork liver is a great thing to have every now and then. for a hot day I had it with some vegetables and rice. nothing to exciting but it was tasty.

on wednesday I was a bit pushed for time in the morning and decided to take my breakfast, muesli, to uni with me. yes I admit that the main reason for this was because I wanted to take my cool star wars spoon. and because summer is not summer without a (not so much) BBQ I made this pork chop in a frying pan and had it with a lovely greek style chickpea salad.

on thursday I didn't have any lectures in the morning so I got up a bit later and for some reason though it would be a good idea to have smoked mussels with whole grain bread for brunch, turned out it was actually a good idea as they were delicious, good idea to buy them mum. the not so great idea of the day was to make pasta with gorgonzola sauce as it was still hot and well, that's not exactly a light meal let's put it that way, it was delicious though and I wanted it so it was probably the best choice.

on friday I had more food than just this avocado greek salad but apparently I didn't take any pictures and also can't remember. but the salad was delicious. (oh I remember now, it was roast chicken my mum made and I was too hungry to take a picture, sorry!)

saturday was my happy day which didn't start out too happy because I had to run around town for an hour and no reason but oh well, this coke with my name on it most definitely made up for it. and I do love a good bowl of rice with leftover chicken. (yes, that's what reminded me that we had chicken the day before)

sunday was my lazy day as me and my friends had been out the night before and I don't really do things like that, meaning I am absolutely useless for at least a day when I stay up later than 12, kind of sad I know. however, this made me go for a simple meal, pasta with basil pesto, chicken and feta cheese. simple but actually really delicious, who would've thought.

so that's another week gone, is it just me or is time really flying by at the moment? I'm actually quite glad about it as I can't wait for uni to start, but it's still slightly scary.
what have you been up to this past week and what was your favourite meal you had?
let me know in the comments!



Samantha Minny said...

You could eat liver pate. That's some tasty stuff right there. My mom makes the best chicken liver pate in the history of forever.

Magdalena Hannah said...

I actually made some from what was left of the liver and it was delicious! I'd love to try your mum's! sounds lovely! xx

being erica said...

mmm the chick pea and the avocado greek salads are definitely ones to try this week! thank you for sharing!

Magdalena Hannah said...

you're very welcome, glad you like them :) let me know if you make them :) x

Samantha Minny said...

I'll try and find it for you! It's a very strange recipe because different people use the same recipe but theirs all taste differently. But it's super tasty! xxx