19 Jun 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #1 MOVING AWAY

my first ever wishlist on this blog will be a rather special one; as many of you probably know, I will be moving to the UK in september (I currently live in Austria) and this is more than enough reason for me to create a little wishlist of things I will need for the move and for starting out over there. I'll warn you now, because this will only be the first part as I am planning to do another one for homeware kind of stuff. so part one is purely for some little practical things I might need on the move and some basic things I'll need for uni.

1. Floral Travel Wallet - Cath Kidston 
a travel wallet is something I've always wanted to keep all my travel things together, and isn't this print just adorable?

2. Roses Washbag - dotcomgiftshop
I've been traveling a lot over the last two years and never had  a proper washbag, I think for my trips home I'll definitely need a lovely one like this, going with the floral theme of course.

3. Floral Passport Holder - Cath Kidston
of course my passport holder needs to go with my travel wallet, I'm just in love with the flowers aren't I.

4. Tube Map Umbrella - Paperchase
can I move to the UK without a proper umbrella? obviously not! and this way I won't get lost when visiting london either, perfect!

5. Owl and Flowers Diary - Paperchase
can't live without a diary especially at uni so I'll need this to come with me wherever I go. and I love owls.

6. Floral Bento Box - Cath Kidston
I suppose this is not something I desperately need, but I fell in love with it and thought it would be really useful to take meals to uni to avoid buying junk food, so it can only be a good thing right?

7. Donald Laundry Bag - Butlers
this is to store my dirty laundry in style, because who doesn't love donald!

8. Vintage First Aid Kit - dotcomgiftshop
one of the most essential things every household needs, this little kit has everything I'll need to cure little cuts. 

9. Patchwork Owls Cushion - dotcomgiftshop
and this is for when I feel homesick so I have something soft to cuddle, and also they're just too cute.

so this was my first little wishlist, I am really in love with most of those things an I secretly hope that some of my friends might get me some as going away presents, although I'm not sure they think this is something to give presents for, I don't know,  if not, I'll have to save up to get some of them definitely!

what do you think about my choices? which one would you get if you were me (or for yourself)?



Meghan said...

What an awesome selection .

Meghan Silva's Blog

Becci Charlton said...

I literally want everything on here! Fab wishlist. x

Lemonade Budget said...

I love all of these - the Cath Kidston Bento box especially is gorgeous! x


Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you so much :D xx

Just Me Leah said...

I love the umbrella! I'm sure you will need a brolly and a cute pair of wellies :) x x

Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you :D most definitely yeah, I'm still on the hunt for some cute wellies :/ xx

Just Me Leah said...

I hope you find some nice ones. x x

Syafinaz said...

Quirky first aid kit! Me LOVES it :D