22 Jun 2013


recently my life has been quite busy, trying to spend as much time as possible with my friends so they don't completely hate me once I move to the UK as well as this horribly warm weather. I know the weather doesn't exactly count as being busy but it's just been rather exhausting so I feel like I've done a lot when in fact I haven't.

also, last week I finally got to do the IELTS test (International English Language Testing System) which I had been studying for for a while and needed to get into uni in the UK. fortunately I can now announce that I've had my results yesterday and it's looking like I'll be over there in september. those of you who follow me on twitter probably already know all about it as I felt the need to express my happiness in every way possible (apologies for that by the way). you can imagine that totally made my day.

today I ran around town for ages just because I wanted to get to a bank but one had closed down and the other one wasn't working properly (meaning the cash machines weren't working) so I ended up taking over an hour for something that was supposed to take 20 minutes. to cheer myself up I thought I'd get myself a little treat and buy a bottle of coke which I only ever drink as a treat now since I refuse to drink the diet or zero stuff, if I drink something that's bad for me I might aswell be honest about it right? and guess what I found? they actually had a bottle with my name on it! I actually never thought I would find one, I love the idea with the names but it made me kind of sad to think I'd never find mine, but here it is, absolutely made my day!

also, I'm off to a lovely summer fĂȘte at my primary school later today with all of my lovely friends who I met there, maybe I'll do a post about that too if anyone is interested? let me know!

hope you're all having a lovely weekend!


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