24 Aug 2014

Bluebird Tea Co Brighton

Whilst wandering around the streets of Brighton I spotted this sign indicating that there was tea to be had which always results in excitement for me. The boyfriend was dragged in (he is not a fan of tea, yeah, I know, shocking, but more for me) and I started exploring the shop.

Bluebird Tea Co. call themselves Tea Mixologists which not only is a word I have trouble pronouncing (I managed though) but also reminds me of alchemy and something a little magical. It is actually pretty magical in there, shelves and shelves of tea and brewing devices and of course the smell. Those of you who love tea as much as I know will know what I mean.

The lovely ladies behind the tea bar offered for me to smell some of their favourite creations and I made the most of that offer for sure. Finest creations of Earl Grey and Co were to be had and we even got a taster of a Mojitea as well as the Strawberry Lemonade tea which were both served cold appropriate for the warm weather and were deliciously refreshing.

I ended up purchasing the Strawberry Lemonade tea while the boyfriend bought some Roibos and Early Grey for his parents (can't believe he actually spent more on tea than I did, for once). I haven't tried mine yet but I tried it in the shop and absolutely loved it. I would definitely recommend you check them out if you're in Brighton, the people there were so lovely and the tea was absolutely delicious. I am definitely going back.


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Cathryn Daws said...

This sounds like the best tea and strawberry lemonade? Yes please :)