10 Aug 2014

Sunday Roast at Beef & Pudding Manchester

Back in June just after I had finished my exams but dad and my brother came to visit me in Manchester. This was very special to me for many reasons, one because my dad doesn't usually do travelling and especially flying so it meant a lot that he would do it just to come and see me, it also meant a lot to be able to show my brother where I live since it was especially hard to move to a different country after we'd gotten closer again.

Of course such a special occasion has to be celebrated, and since we all love food it was a very welcome task for me to show the lads what the british cuisine has to offer. I love doing this for everyone who comes to visit as it is really easy to impress people since they all seem to think that british food isn't the finest there is.

Places like Beef & Pudding make this especially easy, it is an 'Urban Pub & Kitchen' in the centre of Manchester which had me lusting after their creatings right from when I first found their facebook page and they starting posting pictures of their creatings shortly after they opened. Taking my dad and my brother there was a very welcome excuse to try out their meals as you can imagine. 

Sadly they had run out of their beef dinner (which is my favourite of all sunday dinners) so me, my dad and the boyfriend opted for pork instead. My brother changed his mind mid-order and got the famous 'The Pudding' instead which he thoroughly enjoyed (I stole a bite and can only agree).
The pork sunday roast was also rather delicious and came with the best mashed potato I have had so far, I don't know what they put in that stuff but I would go back there just for that (and that says something since I make a rather nice mashed potato myself).

Altogether I was very pleased with the experience, the staff was extremely friendly (and our waiter didn't look bad either) and the food was delicious. I will definitely visit there again sometime to have one of their puddings to myself.

You should definitely check this place out if you're in Manchester and want to show someone how good british food can be, or simply refresh your own memory.


Places to find Beef & Pudding
Menu (just do yourself a favour and look at it)

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Jennifer Leung said...

You've really whet my appetite! :p You should really consider joining Food and Drink at The Mancunion. Free food and free drinks in return for a review: https://www.facebook.com/groups/505213236276626/?fref=ts

- Jenny (http://www.pennedbyjenny.co.uk/)