6 Aug 2014

Wednesday Wishlist: Kitchen & Dining

I have already posted an extensive kitchen wishlist before moving last year and I don't want to bore you with the same things again, since yes, most of them are still on my wishlist at the moment.
I thought I would add dinnerware and dining items in general (such as glasses etc.) to this years wishlist. The reason I don't have most of these things is that I was lucky to have a housemate who moved in bringing along a set of plates, pots, pans and all sorts of other useful things who she kindly let everyone use. Truth be told there wouldn't have been space for everyone to have their own stuff anyway so I was very grateful.

But since I am going to be living by myself now I obviously need certain essentials such as plates and bowls, pans and all those things you need when you don't want to have take away every day. This means that some items on this wishlist are going to be a little boring for those of you who aren't moving out this summer, but I tried to find some that are fun despite being practical.

1. Salad Dressing Mixer - Butlers
I saw this at the Butlers store in my hometown the other day and thought it would be really useful to make and store salad dressings. It even come swith some recipe suggestions on the bottle and you can close it and store it in the fridge.

2. Vinegar Bottle - Butlers 
I'd like to get a set of matching oil and vinegar bottles. This isn't exactly necessary but I think they would look cute so if I have some spare money I'll order them too.

3. Glass Bottle - Butlers 
I think you've realised by now that I'm in love with Butlers, it's such a cool shop and most things are really affordable (unfortunately they are cheaper here in Austria but I can't take things back with me) and so unique. This bottle for example is just awesome, made to look like a plastic bottle. I would use it to store homemade juice and syrup probably.

4. Green Glass - IKEA
I definitely want a glass that looks similar to this one, I like the patterns on it, the colour and it seems pretty solid which I also like a lot about glasses. Definitely on my IKEA shopping list.  

5. Flamingo Glass - IKEA
This is a more fun version, I like flamingos a lot and I already have one glass like this so I was rather excited to see they are still in stock, these will probably be used for lemonades and some fruity cocktails. 

6. Mint Service - IKEA
This is exactly what I'd like my plates to look like, simple and pastel-y. Unfortunately this particular set doesn't seem to be in stock at my IKEA at the moment, but fingers crossed it comes back or they'll have something similar.  

7. Patterned Bowl - H&M & Patterned Plate - H&M
I'm in love with patterns at the moment and this set of plate and bowl from H&M are really up my street, if I happen to place an order they might just slip into my basket.

8. Retro Plate - Butlers & Retro Bowl - Butlers
Love for patterns again huh? I think I actually prefer this set and both bowl and plate come and five different colour combinations, love love love.



Charlotte Dougall said...

I'm in the middle of flat hunting for a new uni term and can't wait to do all of my homeware shopping again. I already have a set of the little flamingo glasses which are so damn cute but I definitely need another trip to Ikea soon x

Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

Rachael said...

The pattern on the no. 7 plates is fun, I like colourful plates and cups. Saying that my kitchen plate and mug collection is like a mismatch of about three different sets. I actually need to redecorate my kitchen before I think i'll get around to fancying it out with decor, that and saving up for a new kitchen design altogether!

Magdalena Hannah said...

the flamingo glasses are so pretty aren't they?! Ikea trips are so much fun, I could spend days in there and not get bored :) I'm sure you'll have loads of fun buying things for your flat :)

Magdalena Hannah said...

redecorating your kitchen sounds fun! I'm sure it'll turn out great and then you can get some nice plates to go with it :)

The Noble Foodie-GF said...

I love patterned bowls and plates too and have some similar ones to no. 8 from Waitrose. Redecorating your kitchen sounds like the most fun, very jealous! xx