8 Aug 2014

Brighton & Bexhill

After being stuck in Manchester with only the occasional visit to North Wales or Liverpool for about ten months I realised that after exams I needed to treat myself to a little trip down south. I'd been meaning to discover this country a bit more for ages which all of the international students I am friends with on facebook do all the time it seems. I just never had the time, I was so focused on my studies which really isn't a bad thing I guess.

Once I was done with first year I packed my bags and my boyfriend and took the train down to London and then to Brighton for a few days by the seaside. We had a wonderful time, eating, watching football in our hotel room and just sitting by the sea for hours (which is something I could do forever).

One of the highlights of the trip was finally getting to meet Sami from That Redhead Said who is just as lovely as I knew she was going to be. We had a great time in many of Brightons vintage shops and the best conversation with a botany/zoology expert who taught us everything we never thought we needed to know about insects and moss. Apparently this is something you only ever experience in Brighton, and this alone is definitely worth visiting this place.

On the third day we got the train from Brighton to a bit further east to a little seaside town called Bexhill (I say little, I guess it was just smaller than Brighton). The main reason we went there (or so I thought) was because it was a Friday and we couldn't really afford a hotel in Brighton because they all went up to about 3 times the price. The actual reason the boyfriend suggested going to Bexhill was actually a completely different one which the KEANE fans amongst you might have realised before I did (I was in the middle of exams when we planned this though, in my defence). Meaning the actual reason was that the band KEANE grew up not far from Bexhill and filmed their famous video for Sovereign Light Cafe by the sea in Bexhill.


This lead to extensive walks along the beach, trying to recreate the music video and album cover (which the boyfriend did really well). We stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast where we had a takeaway kebab for dinner due to everything else being closed after our walk along the beach.

The next day we enjoyed our breakfast and then wandered around town enjoying the quietness and reading by the sea. We had fish and chips at the Sovereign Light Cafe where we sat at the table KEANE apparently always sit at and the food was actually really really nice.

I was really sad when we had to get the train back to London and then Manchester, it was a lovely trip but just not long enough. I hope sometime in the future I can come back but maybe for a week at least. I really miss the sea already and hope I can come back soon.



The Noble Foodie-GF said...

Lovely post! Brighton is my second home and I love it so much - your pics are amazing too :)

TheFreshFresher said...

If you ever fancy another venture down south I highly recommend the North coast of Cornwall - feels very rugged and wild :)

Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you very much :) xx

Magdalena Hannah said...

ooh that sounds good! I'll definitely put that on my list, thank you :) xx

www.justmeleah.co.uk said...

If you ever come back this way give me a yell, because I'm about 2 miles away from Bexhill! x x