3 Aug 2014

Moose Coffee Liverpool

On a Sunday a while ago now I jumped on a train to Liverpool to not only attend a bloggers meet up but also to meet the amazing Hannah from Heart Of Cake who I've been friends with for a while now although we mainly communicate via Twitter (although I think we should meet in person much more often).

She's great and she makes me most amazing things, I just wish I could eat at her house all the time, we'd have so much fun. Anyway, she asked me if I wanted to go to the FABB event in liverpool with her so I thought that would be a great way to see her and to meet some other bloggers from around the North West.

As the event wasn't due to start until 1.30 Hannah suggested to go somewhere for brunch beforehand, because two food bloggers can't meet without having some food together. I left it up to her to decide where to go as I know she knows some amazing places in Liverpool. She suggested Moose Coffee and admittedly I wanted to go just because of the name, but when I looked at the menu online there was no way we were going anywhere else: American/Canadian breakfast heaven.

Me and my boyfriend met up with Hannah and her boyfriend in the centre and walked to Moose Coffee together, I love that about Liverpool, you can literally walk anywhere. When we got there there were people waiting outside (luckily it wasn't too cold) and we got a bit scared as to whether we'd be able to get a space or not. We asked the waitress and she said there was a 25 minute wait, after a little discussion we decided it had to be worth the wait as there were so many people already waiting so we just had a little chat outside (the sun had come out too).


We were called in after what wasn't even 20 minutes and we were happy to get into the warmth, you see, 'warm' and 'spring' and 'sun' mean something else in the UK than they do in the rest of europe, but I'm used to it by now. We sat upstairs and looked around to see what the people around us were eating (I'm not the only one who does that right?) and it all looked amazing so we get even more excited for our food. Hannah and I both ordered a Double Dutch which is pancakes with streaky (or may I say actual) bacon and smokey sausage in the batter, topped with fried eggs and butter and maple syrup on the side. This could only be amazing.

What can I say, we weren't disappointed. The batter was delcious, the bacon and the sausage were perfect. The sweetness and the smokeyness worked so well together. The only slight issue was the size. We could've easily shared one of these and would've still been full. But with the help of the boyfriends I managed to finish my plate and it lasted me throughout the whole of the day aswell.

The place was really lovely, it smelled nice from the second you walked in and everyone was really friendly. The food might seem a bit expensive at first but considering the amount and the quality you get I think it's really good value.

And now the best part: There is actually one of these in Manchester aswell! I can't wait to go there and try out more of their amazing things. The sandwiches look really good too so I might have to give one of them a go next time. (Before managing to publish this post I went and had a ruben sandwich, it was amazing, just so you know.)

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