31 Aug 2014

Breakfast at Die Scherbe Graz

The other week when I was still visiting my hometown of Graz in Austria me and my mum went to the market at Lendplatz to get some fresh vegetables. Before we hit the market stalls we decided to go to a lovely Bar/Cafe/Restaurant nearby called Die Scherbe (which is German and means the shard) for some breakfast.

It was a lovely warm morning and we decided to sit outside in the back garden where we were greeted by some nice and colourful chairs and tables. After a little look through the breakfast (german: Frühstück) menu we decided to get the Swedish and the Indian breakfast and share them between us.

The Swedish Breakfast consisted of smoked salmon, smoked trout, honey-dill-mustard sauce, caper berries, creamy horseradish, gherkins, tomatoes, butter and toast.

The indian breakfast was lentil spread, pakoras, tamarind and plum chutney, mint spread, roasted vegetables and naan bread.

They were both absolutely delicious, we especially enjoyed the pakoras and the salmon with the dill and mustard sauce (my absolute favourite combination). I'd never had an Indian breakfast before, and although I doubt this is what people would have for breakfast in India (maybe they do) I love a bit of savoury and spicy things at the start of the day so I might incorporate some of the things into my weekend breakfast routine (we shall see about that though shall we).

Die Scherbe is a place I would definitely recommend if you're in Graz, they also do some delicious things for lunch (so I've heard) and even more breakfast varieties. I'm definitely going back on one of my next visits.

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