13 Aug 2014

Wednesday Wishlist: Desk & Study Area

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Can you tell there's a theme here? Yeah I can't either. These things are all a bit random but they're all things I definitely want/need for my study area. The desk obviously is essential, and since I am not the typical desk kind of person (does that even exist?) I like this dining table as it's big and I need space when I want to be productive. It's also not currently in stock at my IKEA so can someone have a word with them please?

The shelf goes nicely with the table (I think) and some other things I have chosen for the flat, it's also cheap, what's not to like? I'm gonna use it to separate my desk and my bed and also (and most importantly) to store my most precious science books.

Tray and basket are both some sort of storage solutions for all sorts of things on my desk. I love the look of those really tidy desks with loads of nice things on them but truth is mine never looks like that, so I'm gonna try to at least contain my mess of paper in style. 

Those two prints I found on easy are on top of my list that's for sure (well, just behind the desk and the shelf, duh) they're such a nice style and really represent science in a lovely way. I definitely want some more science/art around my study area as motivation. 

The notebook is obviously essential (not, because I already have loads, somewhere) and it has owls on it, what's not to like? And the tape basically represents all sorts of tape with all sorts of pattern on it, I'm joining the trend and will use it in every way possible. (so leave me your favourite uses for washi style tape below)



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