17 Aug 2014

Fishy Fishy Seafood Brasserie Brighton

Before our trip to Brighton I spent quite some time researching good places for food and that's when I came across this Seafood Brasserie called Fishy Fishy. I really wanted to have some seafood while we were close to the sea so this place looked perfect, easy to find, and I loved the name.

It's not directly by the sea but like most things in Brighton not too far from it and I didn't mind since the location was really nice next to some other restaurants and there was some street music going on too. We got a lovely table outside and it felt like a lovely summer evening, not too warm and not too cold either. We got some Fish Tacos to share which were really nice, not too spicy for the boyfriend either. They came with lovely fresh vegetables and guacamole.

For mains the boyfriend got the Fish Burger (standard) which he said was delicious (and I think I got a bite too and enjoyed it). I got the Seafood Paella which was absolutely amazing, it came with all the lovely seafood I'd been craving and some nice spicy chorizo too. All the seafood was fresh and they'd used just the right spices for the paella.

I'd definitely go back there when I'm in Brighton again and try something else off their seafood menu. A cute Brasserie that is definitely worth a visit.

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bethan said...

The Seafood Paella looks amazing! I've never been to Brighton, so I should probably get myself down there stat.