10 Apr 2013


I believe that in my last a week in meals post (here) I said I'd do them every sunday, well that didn't work out did it? from now on though it will hopefully be every sunday, but of course I do have a life other than my blog aswell so I hope you won't mind if sometimes I don't stick to my schedule. this week it's because I came over to the UK on saturday and have had a pretty busy time since including many things you will be able to read about on here very soon. even though it isn't sunday I will still be doing my week in meals now, going up to last sunday and then there will be another post up this coming sunday. fingers crossed anyway.

that was easter sunday wasn't it? well it was the first day after my mum got back from brazil and we were both tired so we took it easy food wise (we had loads the night before) just some easter-y salad with pumpkin seed oil and egg.
in the afternoon I had my easter egg hot chocolate (recipe here)

monday there was more easter food at my dads the usualy ham, egg, horseradish and easter bred (more about austrian easter food here)
but in the evening I got a little sick of all the easter things and decided to make myself some mediterranean pasta with courgette and red pepper and loads of permesan cheese. (I want some now!)

after all this easter eating I needed a break and made some salad with chicken for me and my mum. as a dessert I went for a banana instead of more chocolate eggs.
in the evening I had a lovely fresh sandwich with mozzarella and tomato (yes I have that all the time, sorry)

and because one healthy day is enough, I decided I would eat a lot of rubbish on wednesday. also because it was just a stupid day because I had so many things to do. but it got better because me and my friend watched harry potter and ate wurstsemmel and haribo wummis. sometimes I just need things like that.

(I am not too sure what happened to thursday to be honest, but it seems I didn't eat anything worth taking pictures of, plus I spend a lot of the day making my mums cake)

it was my mum's birthday on friday and we spent all day shopping and preparing the food. it was really lovely and we put a little buffet together. above are only some of the things including a pie with mushrooms, speck and truffle oil me and my mum created (we're very proud of ourselves!). if you want I'll do a post about that soon. 
(let me know in the comments)
of course there was also the cake, but I'll be posting about that separately.

without a doubt the most impressive day food wise. saturday was the day I came to the UK so the morning I spent packing and then I had some leftover things from my mums birthday party just before I jumped in the car to get to the airport. I brought some Lachgummi with me for on the plane and on the train and then me and my boyfriend had some microwave pizza when I arrived but I was probably too tired to take pictures. as I said, very impressive. (I did manage to take a picture of the Lachgummi's on the train though, yay!)

a much much better day food wise was the sunday. thanks to Jaim's Kitchen I got to go to the Cake&Bake Show in Manchester that day and she also sent me a box full of the most amazing biscuits. there will be a post about the show coming soon, but let me just tell you that these steak pies by Nova Scotia Farm are the best ones you'll ever have. 
there is most definitely also a post coming up about them, and let me tell you I'll only have good things to say, I didn't know a steak pie could be that amazing.

So I don't know about you but I am hungry now after looking through all these pictures again. especially those steak pies, yum! 

as always let me know in the comments what you would like to see as a recipe and what you had to eat last week. hope you had a good one!



Jaime said...

Cheers for the lovely mention - so chuffed you enjoyed the cookies! Those steak pies sound amazing!

love, Tilly said...

This post made me so hungry/jealous of all your gluten filled goodies. I love you and am envious of you in equal measures! ;) x

Magdalena Hannah said...

I'm sorry lovely. but I do have a post about some lovely gluten free things coming up this week actually. it's not the burger yet though I'm afraid. x

Magdalena Hannah said...

they were really lovely, everyone who tried them loves them. well done and thank you so much again. x