25 Apr 2013


it has been a while now and I want to thank all of those who keep coming back to my blog. I am used to having 0 views a day when I don't post for a few days (and let's be honest it's really been a while now) so it means a lot to me that there's still people out there who somehow found there way over to my little space of the internet to read about my food adventures. 

so this is part of a series I started last time I flew over from the UK because I wanted to document the food I had on my journey. to be honest I go to the same place most of the time and it's the same this time aswell but the food is just very good there so I'll keep going back and just hope you don't find it too boring. but I might not be flying from stansted too many times in the future anyway so you are likely to see a bit of a change in the food anyway.

yes it's pret again. I have done a few posts about them and they deserve any good review they get. as you can (hopefully) guess not all that food is for me as I was traveling with the boyfriend. I love pret for food on the plane as it's fresh and light so it's everything you definitely won't get on a plane.

in the first picture you can see one of the new additions to the pret menu it's their Chicken Sesame Sushi Wrap. you'll be like ok, what is a sushi wrap? well it's one of their lovely wraps but asian style with a lovely sauce and not only is it wrapped in a flour tortilla but also in seaweed which gives it a distinctive taste which we both loved.
also in the picture is my boyfriends drink which is the pure pret grape and elderflower. all the pure pret canned drinks are only 99 p which I find really good for a natural and very tasty drink. also in the picture is our slice of banana cake which was really lovely which a lot of banana in it. 

in the next picture you can see our Hoisin Duck Wrap which is probably one of the pret classics. all their wraps are really lovely and a wrap is always a great alternative for a sandwich if you want to save yourself some of them carbs. I don't really care about that too much I just love wraps in general because you get a lot of stuff in them and tortillas are extremely yum in my opinion. also featuring in the second picture is my drink which is pret's yoga bunny. sounds weird but actually tastes really nice. I just wanted to try something else this time. their ginger beer is amazing though if you want to give one of their cans a try.

picture by Geraint Photography but taken with my
not so good camera. still wanted to give him
the credit as he has the eye for everything

we'd deserved this lovely meal after a very long journey from cardiff to london and stansted. we would have deserved it anyway but I can always still use that as an excuse right? I hope you enjoy reading what I eat on the plane (saying that it sounds incredibly boring) but maybe if you're in stansted think about taking something from pret just to avoid starving on a ryanair flight. hope I can provide you with more interesting food next time maybe flying from a different airport soon. but we'll see about that when we get to it.

have you been to pret in stansted before? and what do you eat on your journeys? let me know in the comments!


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