21 Apr 2013


it's sunday again which means it's 'a week in meals' time. which also always means that I'll tell you a little bit about what's been going on that past week, not just food wise.
most of the week I spent in the UK and had a great time and actually really nice weather aswell. I know everyone is tired of talking about the weather now because it's just always been horrible but it was quite nice so I thought I'd mention it quickly.
on thursday we had a long journey back to austria and have had a nice time here so far. a bit of football today and yesterday and some good food bits too which I will tell you about now.

as you might know on mondays we like to go to revolution because it's mega monday there which means it's 50% off all food. (read more about it here)

this time we had chicken satay skewers as a starter which we had before and they are lovely indeed. then we had the vodka pizza which is not as weird as it sounds really, but really lovely. then we had a chicken milanese focaccia which is just delicious and possibly one of the best things we had there. and for the first time ever we actually had dessert there, brownies with ice cream which were chocolaty gooey and lovely. all you can ask for in a meal.

view the menu here if you want to find out more.

tuesday we had a nice day around town starting off by going around the bay in cardiff (definitely go there if you're in the area). the weather was brilliant, windy, but lovely and we picked up some welshcakes at fabulous welshcakes (here) I shall be doing a post about those soon. 
in the evening after a long day we made up our own little pasta dish with sausage meat and vegetables and it was amazing. let me know if you want a recipe to that.

wednesday was our last day in cardiff and the mr was in work so I had a bit of time to walk around town and get some last bits I wanted before leaving the UK. we were going to have an early night due to the fact that we had to get up at 3 in the morning so we made some lovely lasagna which was in the oven while we packed the rest of our stuff. and we were still packing while we ate it but it was really lovely. can't go wrong with lasagna and a bit of garlic bread.

thursday was the day of the journey. and it was one hell of a journey getting up at 3 to get the bus at 5 to go to london where we then missed our bus to the airport. even though we didn't miss it it was actually late because parliament square was closed so we were at victoria station hoping the bus would get there and leave in time for us to get to the aiport. well it all went alright in the end and we even managed to go to pret before boarding (yay!). 

we picked up two wraps. one of their new creations a sushi style wrap and a duck and hoy sin one which were both really nice. we also had two of their sparkling drinks in cans which are really lovely and only 99 p each. and we had a slice of banana cake which was soooo good indeed.

after arriving in austria we were in a bit of a state and really really tired. but we somehow still managed to get a bit of a meal together. rice with vegetables and chicken breast steaks.

on our first full day in austria we got up late first of all and a late breakfast at around 12 (croissants my mum got us but I was still too tired to take pictures of) kind of got us back to normal. we then decided to go into town where we had this lovely prosciutto and parmesan bagel at baristas (more here) which is a lovely coffee shop place in the city centre.
in the evening me and the mr made dinner for us and my mum. we decided to go for something austrian and made little chicken schnitzels which actually turned out really nicely, we're a good team I think 

saturday was a rather busy day and we didn't really have a proper meal just bits and bobs here and there that's why I haven't got any pictures. we did however make a banana and chocolate milkshake in the morning to watch soccer am. it was amazing. homemade milkshakes are the best.

and here's today and the reason why this post is going up quite late it's because we only had food about an hour ago and I wanted to include it in this post.
in the morning we had a lovely mozzarella and tomato sandwich with fresh basil leaves from our balcony garden. (I'll always need fresh herbs no matter where I live).
and tonight we had a lovely pork fillet with polenta hearts, carrots and onion gravy. I will do a recipe post about that very soon.

it was a good week food wise I think and as always make sure you let me know in the comments which ones you like and which ones you might want me to do a recipe post about. hope you all had a lovely week with some lovely food too.


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