6 Apr 2013


Now this is something I made while I was in the UK in february, and I have to admit I kind of forgot I hadn't posted it already but as I am now on my way back to the UK (yes I'm on the plane right now, cool huh?!) I thought this would be a good day to post it since I'll be traveling all day, but of course I can't just leave my blog right? and I will of course be posting while I'm over there, got some lovely things coming up, but now on to the recipe!

The story behind this is basically that my boyfriend was in work, and before he had left I asked him what I should make for food (I don't always cook for him, we usually do it together, but since he worked late I offered). and he said he would fancy something with coconut and pineapple. So I went to Tesco and Sainsbury's and created this little meal.

I think it turned out quite well actually, it adds a bit of a little something something to a meal and makes it really fresh. I really enjoy savoury meals with a bit of sweetness to them, so if you like that too this is definitely something you could try.

Tropical Chicken with Coconut and Veg Rice
for two

2 chicken breasts
150 ml coconut milk
small can of pineapples
1 onion
1 courgette
1 tbsp peanut butter

so you'll want to start by getting the chicken ready
to go in the oven, because while it's in there you 
can do all the other things.

so simply pop your chicken breasts in a casserole
mix the juice of your pineapples with the coconut
milk and the peanut butter. 
add a bit of the mixture to the chicken and put 
that in the oven, add a bit of the mixture
every 10 minutes or so.

start cooking your rice now.

chop your onion and courgette and stir fry for
about 5 minutes over relatively high heat.
set that aside.

cut your pineapple in little chunks and add
to the vegetables.

once the rice is done, add that to the veg and 
pineapple and add a bit of salt.

then, once the chicken is done, serve it all 
up and enjoy a lovely tropical (kind of)

the process in pictures...



Glutton for Gluten said...

This looks really good, I think I'll give this one a try

Just Me Leah said...

Yum yum! Will definitely try this. x

Magdalena Hannah said...

it's super easy aswell :) let me know how it turns out x

Magdalena Hannah said...

let me know how it goes :) x

Just Me Leah said...

Will do! x

James Turner said...

I will try this sauce sounds wonderful, but anything w/pineapples always gets my vote.

Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you. I love everything with pineapple aswell.