4 Apr 2013


I was so busy posting easter-y things that I completely forgot to write about the lovely day I had with my dad last thursday. my dad still lives where I grew up and it's a lovely house in the country with all the space you could possibly want. it was amazing as a kid and I love it and it's actually I shame I don't go there more often as the busy 21 year old I am now. but I said to my dad as soon as the weather is nicer (which it is today yay) I will be visiting him more often because I love it there and it reminds me of when I was little.

so anyway, that thursday we had a lovely day getting things for easter such as eggs and ham and bread and wishing that the snow would melt. which it did aswell because the sun was out and the brave daffodils were making their way through the snow.

we also had a lovely dinner at a place nearby where we had a lovely kind of traditional austrian meal because you have to have something like that when you're out in the country right? well I like to use it as an excuse anyway.
basically I just love a day away sometimes and it helps to take my mind off things, and it's especially perfect when I get a lovely meal aswell. can't say no to that. 

I'm so happy to tell you that these lovely daffodils now have a much better life without snow and a lot more sunshine. I felt really sorry for them that day.

and this is my lovely austrian meal, I know it's not healthy (although we had a salad which wasn't really worth taking a picture of) but hey, who cares right? 
so I had this lovely soup which my dictionary translates me as semolina (ever heard of that word? no? neither have I) dumpling soup or grie├čnockerl suppe in german. it's basically beef soup with some veg and this lovely dumpling made from wheat semolina (slowly accepting that this word exists) and it's just delicious you should definitely try it if you ever get the chance to, I love this soup even though I'm not usually a huge soup person. and then as a main meal I had this lovely chicken cordon bleu which is basically a wiener schnitzel with ham and cheese in the middle, this came with a slice of lemon (yes please! I need lemon with everything) chips and cranberry sauce (yum yum, also something I could have with every meal). so that was my dinner, and it was really nice, I can only recommend all of it. now I would link you to the place where I had it but when I google it google say: 

Your search - steinztalst├╝berl - did not match any documents.

sooooo, google never says that does it?! well if you ever find yourself in the stainz area (styria, austria) then maybe you'll come across it, if not I might have to come up with a recipe or two.

and to finish it off, of course my dad's cat Levi had to make an appearance because that's just the way she is, cute little thing. I hope you liked my post and me being confused by new words (I learn a new thing every day). and let me know in the comments what you like to do to take your mind off things.



Eleanor MayC said...

Semolina is a kind of rough wheat flour. The Italians like to dust their ciabatta's and pizza dough with it ;) Soup looks yummy though xxx

Kim Bultman | a little lunch said...

This was such a wonderful post, Magdalena! I'm going to visit my father in a couple of weeks... I hope our time together is as fulfilling was yours was. Smiling about the dumpling soup (my Mom still calls dumplings "knedlicky" -- not sure of the spelling -- my maternal grandparents were from Vienna) and also your photo of Levi. Mom has a similar cat -- a beloved family member. :) Thanks in advance for the trip down Memory Lane!

Magdalena Hannah said...

yeah I learn new things all the time haha, like I know what it is but I didn't know it was that in english, but now I do yay :D thank you xx

Magdalena Hannah said...

aww thank you for your lovely comment :) cool your mum still calls them that, I think dumplings is a cool word haha. hope you have a lovely time with your dad :) xx

Kimby said...

Magdalena, I'm not sure why my comment below appeared with the previous person's ID pic? Something to check into, yes?

Magdalena Hannah said...

it's actually my pic and I don't know why it's doing that, I'm trying to fix it but as I'm not a genius with things like that it might take a while. but thank you for letting me know :) xx