11 Apr 2013

Away Days #7: Cake&Bake Show Manchester

Thanks to winning a giveaway over on Jaim's Kitchen's blog I got the chance to go up to Manchester and attend the Cake&Bake Show. it was basically the perfect thing for me to win since I was going to the UK that weekend and wanted to go up to Manchester anyway. luckily it all worked out and we had a lovely day out at the Cake&Bake Show.

and of course I can't go to an event like that without taking pictures and thinking about what to share with everyone on here and well let's just say there were so many things to look at and especially to try. and to buy aswell of course. and you can imagine someone like me doesn't go to an event like this without taking home some foodie and baking treats and well you're not wrong. I have picked out some lovely treats I will be doing separate posts about over the next few days. but for now I just want to share some general impressions with you.

we got to oxford road just after 12 on sunday and it was actually quite lovely in manchester. you can't see the sun in the picture but it was bright all day and no sign of rain, well done manchester.

from the station we made our way to manchester central where the cake&bake show took place, it's truely a lovely location and not far at all from the station. I like this part of manchester anyway, for several reasons. but let's be honest I like many parts of manchester.

but it does look impressive right? that's manchester central inside and it's a cool building. I am very easily impressive when it comes to things like that because a nice location just makes an event even more pleasant doesn't it.

and of course a food show involved sampling and trying things and that's the part I love the most. and yes it's the part everyone loves the most. I just think it's a great way to try things you would never think about trying otherwise like the peach fudge shown above. it was delicious by the way.

there were also several baking demonstrations which were rather interesting to watch. I guess I just find all the local produce a lot more fascinating. 

these were two of my favourites. Joe and Seph's is probably the best popcorn you'll ever have and those lovely homemade steak pies by Nova Scotia Farm are literally the best steak pies ever, I wish I would've bought more of them.

I won't go too much into detail since I'll be doing separate posts about them as I said.

that's us trying to choose all the renshaw icing we want. well we ended up getting loads (believe me it was heavy!) and I can't wait to get into some cake decorating. they have the loveliest pastel colours you can imagine.

it was such a lovely day and I am very thankful I got to go. I would recommend this show to everyone who loves food and baking and even those who don't do it that often, my boyfriend loved it aswell so don't be scared to ask your friends who are not that into baking. I'm not the biggest baking person myself to be honest but I was rather impressed. 

the Cake&Bake Show will be back in London in september (13-15) find out more about it here. if you have the chance I'd definitely recommend going as it's not too expensive either and you'll discover loads of things.

thanks again to Jaim's Kitchen. you should definitely go and check out her blog.



Lucy Chapman said...

It sounds like you had a lovely time and that peach fudge sounds delicious! xx

Lucy Loves To Cook

Magdalena Hannah said...

I really did thank you :) and yeah it was interesting, try it if you get a chance to! x