3 Apr 2013


easter is gone, the bank holiday weekend is aswell and we're all pretty much back to normal. there's still some easter eggs around the house because you got too many again as always but you don't really want to eat them because 1) you've already had too many and 2) you'd just feel guilty. have you ever had that problem before? no? well me neither really, but even if you don't you might be interested in something you can do with your left over and forgotten easter eggs (please use this years not that one from two years ago) other than just munch them as they are.

this year especially the weather isn't as easter-y as it should be and I find myself wanting a hot chocolate more than iced tea which is really sad but true. so I thought what could I do to justify having a hot chocolate for easter. I know I technically don't need to justify it but my creative mind had already been switched on and once it's on it's just going to keep on thinking. I came up with this rather nice idea, I'm sure I'm not the only one to come up with it but I still like it so I wanted to share it with you. I have these little ferrero eggs which have been my favourite forever, but you can use whatever eggs you want, it's probably nicer though if they have some kind of filling (mine are hazelnut) because otherwise it wouldn't really be too different to a normal hot chocolate really.

if you have loads left you can use just the eggs to make the hot chocolate, but if you don't want to use them all just make your favourite hot chocolate and then add the eggs for the easter kick.

Easter Egg Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate chocolate/cocoa powder
easter eggs

heat up your milk and cut up the hot chocolate chocolate while doing so.
pour a bit of the milk in your mug and mix it with the chocolate.
when mixed well, add one or two of your easter eggs and mix
again. then add the rest of the milk.
cut one of your easter eggs in half and put on top of the hot
chocolate. (this will work better with whipped cream).

enjoy your hot chocolate and hope for the weather to get better!



Danielle Eskdale said...

Mmmm! Thank looks yummy! I don't celebrate Easter and didn't get any eggs but might have to see if there are any left in the shops to try this out :P

Also, I didn't want to ruin your number of followers (23 is my lucky number) but I followed anyway. :)

Magdalena Hannah said...

I'm sure you could get some and they should be reduced now aswell so even better! :)

and thank you so much for following me, 24 is a good number :) x

Alice said...

Oh I'm so with you on the hot chocolate over iced tea at the moment. WHY is the weather not better?! But this looks like properly CHOCOLATEY hot chocolate, which is amazing. Will almost certainly be trying this! x

Magdalena Hannah said...

I know right?! I really wish it was time for iced tea already, I'd be making loads. but for now we'll have to stick with the hot chocolate. hope you enjoy it if you try it :) let me know! xx