13 Apr 2013


You might have seen my last my(homamde) post where I explain how to make your own gnocchi (if you haven't seen it, find it here). and I promised I'd also share some ideas and recipes for what you can do with your gnocchi. so here's the first one. this one is more of an inspiration than a recipe though since there isn't a lot you have to do, but I thought it'd be nice anyway. (and it's soooo delicious!)

this is just something really simple but oh my god I just love truffles, don't you? If you've never tried them it would really be worth it. I know they are famous for being really expensive, but you can get truffle oil for much less and it tastes sooo nice. it's a great way to try out if you actually like the taste, because I guess for some people it might be a bit too strong because it's a very unique taste indeed. but if you like truffles or if you want to try them out, this would be a perfect thing for you to try out, truffles work sooo well with gnocchi.

Truffles Gnocchi with Permesan

Gnocchi (recipe here)
Truffle Oil

right so this is really as simple as it gets,
after you cooked your gnocchi all you do
is put them on your plate, add a bit of salt,
a few drops of truffle oil (not too much,
it does have a very strong taste to it)
and then some grated parmesan cheese.

you can then decorate it with some herbs if
you want. and enjoy by itself or with
a lovely bowl of fresh salad if you like.



Sarah said...

I've never tried truffles, but this looks delicious! Gnocchi is great! :)

Magdalena Hannah said...

you really should. it's the easiest way of trying them (as well as the cheapest) you can get the oil at so many places.