15 Apr 2013


It's been a while since my last on the go post and this one isn't technically a new one either. well the post is new but it's been a while since the actual visit to revolution. I went there with my boyfriend a bit over a month ago but because I'd already done a post about our visit to the revolution in chester (here) it seemed a bit weird to do this one straight away and that means of course I forgot about it so I'm doing it now. I really did want to do it though because we went to the one in cardiff twice and had some really lovely food which I wanted to recommend and also my boyfriend took some amazing pictures of it which I definitely need to show you all.
today we went there again because of course it was a monday and we had a lovely meal including some of the things mentioned below.
 so here it goes (I hope I remember everything correctly).


for our first visit we had those two starters, 'sweet sizzling sausages' and 'toasted focaccia with oils and balsamic'. 

the sausages come with a honey and red onion marmelade and are probably the yummiest way you can enjoy a sausage. I based one of my recipes on this dish (here).

the focaccia is lovely and you can't go wrong with balsamic vinegar and olive oil if you ask me, this is a lovely starter.

you will by now have realised that we usually get two starters. well I love starters and since we don't tend to get dessert I think it's a great way to try out new things.
so for our second visit we had the 'italian nachos' and the 'garlic pizza bread with tomato and pesto'.

the italian nachos are one of my favourite things ever since I had something similar at jamie's italian a while ago. they are basically crispy pasta style parcels filled with loads of lovely italian cheese giving them a great flavour by themselves. they also come with lovely fresh pico de gallo.

the pizza bread just like all the pizzas at revs is lovely. their dough and tomato sauce is really nice which is key to make a great pizza. lovely and tasty starters altogether.


first time around for mains me and the boyfriend both went for this 'blackened chicken burger'. we're both big burger lovers and need to try everything out there that sounds interesting. he also loves a classic beef burger though. this one was definitely worth a try, very juice and spicy with amazing chips on the side. 

for the second time I went for something that has me written all over it. 'king prawn and smoked salmon linguine'. yeah right? it comes in a creamy sauce with asparagus peas and rocket and not only a few prawns like many places would serve this. also the rocket on top gives it a really nice fresh touch. loving this and would definitely recommend it.

Have you been to Revolution before? let me know your favourites in the comments so I can try them next time.


the foodography in this post has kindly been taken by Geraint Photography
find more of his pictures on his website http://www.geraintphotography.co.uk/


Sophie Denise said...

Love your photos - revs is such a good place to grab lunch, they do some amazing wraps if you ever go back xxx


Magdalena Hannah said...

it's a lovely place definitely, I shall try a wrap next time yeah, always wanted to!
I can't actually take credit for the photos as they have been taken by a photographer, you can find his links up there :) x

thebeautymist said...

Bread with balsamic vinegar is so delicious:) x