28 Apr 2013


time goes by so quickly lately and I just can't believe that it's sunday again but I guess time does that when you're having a good time. and even though I'm not in the UK anymore I'm most certainly still having a good time as it's summer here at the moment (which seems to be too warm for me though) and I'm having good food as always.

monday started out lovely as we didn't have to get up early and my mum had gotten us croissants for breakfast which we enjoyed with some hot chocolate watching the nice weather outside.
if you've seen last week's post you'll know that we made pork fillet on the sunday and as we still had some onion gravy left we decided to put that to good use making some pork steaks with rice and adding some fresh parsley to the gravy.
monday was also a big day for a big football club (manchester united of course!) and we went to the office pub in graz (here) to watch it. this lovely pizza called grazer pizza with bacon, ham and egg was definitely worthy for the night. but nothing could beat united's performance that night securing their 20th english league title.

on tuesday we were invited over to my dad's place where we were presented with a lovely meal including fritattensuppe as a starter (pancake strips in case you were wondering), salad, lovely beef with mushrooms and potatoes and greek coffee to go with a lovely slice of baklava (a typical greek dessert). no one in my family is actually greek but my dad has always loved it there and greek food is really lovely.
as a second dessert we even got some ice cream in five different flavours. needless to say that was all the food we needed for that day. probably even longer than that.

wednesday we actually managed to get up kind of early to go to uni. my boyfriend went with me to my antibiotics lecture bless him as it was all in german. but he was productive writing down some blog posts as I was taking notes in english. 
as it was a very hot day over here we went for a greek salad for dinner followed by some ben&jerry's as a dessert. got to have ice cream when the weather's nice (and whenever else you want to really.)
in the evening we went to a restaurant with my mum and her lovely friend to have some traditional austrian food. me and my mum shared a backhendl (find more about it here as well as better pictures) which was lovely. find the restaurant here.

thursday was a busy day starting by meeting a friend at uni for a few drinks and then heading into town to do some shopping. we then headed back to uni for my english class and had some food on the way which somehow managed to escape my camera (it was a sandwich with mozzarella and tomato - surprise). 
as we came back home after a successful and exhausting day we made ourselves some lovely and filling pasta bake. it's admittedly not the best choice for a very warm evening but it's a good choice none the less. for any day really. (recipe here)

friday was the most memorable day this week as we made a trip down south to show mr pies the mediterranean. we visited three countries in a day (not including austria) and of course had some lovely food too. 
starting off by going down to novigrad in croatia where we enjoyed the sun and took a nice walk along the sea before having amazing dinner. the region is famous for it's truffles so we had to have some sheep's cheese with truffles as a starter. but of course we were by the sea so seafood as the main thing here. octopus salad as a second starter (we were all sharing though) which is one of my favourite things ever. as a main I had spaghetti with seafood and they were lovely. al dente and the sauce couldn't have been better. perfect.
we then went along to slovenia and a town called piran where we didn't have any major food experiences as we were pretty full after all that. I shall be doing a post about the whole day though so I'll try to only talk about the food now.
on our way home we popped to triest - italy to spend the evening there. it was still lovely and warm when we walked around town on our hunt for a pizzeria. it took as longer than you'd think but hey, we found one and yes that was pizza like only the italians make it! I had a pizza called regina margherita which is basically a margherita but with buffalo mozzarella. can't do any better than that in my opinion. 
many thanks to my mum for the trip and all the food. she's the best.

after a very late night not coming home until half twelve at night we were sort of useless on saturday but still had a lot to do as it was our mission to recreate easter for what I'd like to call easter2.0 to sound as stupid as possible. mainly I just wanted to show mr pies what easter in austria is like. 
in order to successfully complete that mission we had to get ourselves outside and to the market where we firstly got some breakfast at the schnabelweide. I had a lovely bagel with smoked salmon.
after doing a lot of shopping around the market and the supermarket we started making some hot cross buns (no they're not austrian of course). 
we'd bought some philadelphia with milka before. well the boyfriend grabbed it as we'd been discussing whether it's just wrong or could be good. you can also get it with cadbury in the UK. after trying it I have to say it's really nice when you don't think about it being philadelphia and as the boyfriend said: 'it tastes like chocolate cheesecake'.
and then of course in the evening we had our osterjause which is the austrian way of doing easter. but I talk about that more here. I will try and get mr pies to do a guest post about what he thinks about the austrian easter food. what do you think about that?

and last but not least (as always) there's sunday (aka today) which was the perfect sunday. being tired after a busy week we got up late and I had a lovely salmon sandwich for breakfast. we then were lazy again watching house as the boyfriend hadn't seen it before (I know right?) but he loves it now! we then started preparing our sunday roast while watching the football (not as successful as last week but hey, it was arsenal after all and the lads were probably tired after the celebrations, just like me). 
the sunday roast turned out really well and it was all homemade. shared credit though as me and my boyfriend did it all together. he also took some lovely pictures so I'll be doing a post about that soon.

and here we are again. that was a rather long post but that's what it takes to get a whole week full of food into a tiny little blog post (which isn't so little this time).

there are a few more posts coming this next week as I'm going to get more into blogging again and I got some really nice posts lined up (mainly recipes). if you have any suggestions or inspirations let me know in the comments. and of course also let me know what you had to eat this week? what was your favourite?



Eleanor MayC said...

Wow, so jealous of all the travelling that you've done this last week!! Fabulous bit of food porn going on there too ;)

Eleanor xxx

Magdalena Hannah said...

I'll do a post especially dedicated to that day soon. :) xx