1 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: 5 Lines

having been a little lazy blogging-wise lately I was really inspired when the lovely Tilly mentioned the Blog Every Day in May tag on twitter. it has been created by Rosalilium.

I chose this as the picture I am proud of because I am extremely proud of the person who took it. 
and it has food and me in it so I thought it would be perfect for this post.
(credit to Geraint Photography)

I am Magdalena, a food and football lover currently on my way to move to the UK to study. 

I run this blog to share my love for all things delicious & the recipes I love.

my perfect day would be spent cooking & watching football with mr pies and listening to the nature podcast/reading nature magazine before bed.

& I'm a science nerd, a manchester united supporter, a lover of all meals that feature rice & a music lover.


this post is part of the Blog Every Day in May series.


Tilly J said...

I'm looking forward to you being over here and studying! Ahh! You're perfect day sounds a lot like mine - switch Mr Pies for M and watching football for rugby league though! x

Geraint Duckfield said...

Looking forward to a post a day this month! Can't wait to see what it brings. :)

Tania Scott said...

Oh you're moving to the UK to study? Lucky you! Wish I could do that! Hope to read about it around here once you move!

I'm taking part in the challenge too over at daisiesndreams.blogspot.com! :)

Tania x

Rhiannon said...

I hope your move over here goes all nicely and smoothly, that does sound like a nice day though x

Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you very much, I really hope so too. :) hope you're ok xx

Magdalena Hannah said...

yeah I will in august/september and I'll make sure I'll post some updates about it. thank you :)

I'll definitely take a look at yours.