19 May 2013


this is definitely the latest I could possibly post this post as it's a week after I was supposed to be posting it. but I'm still doing it as I had all the pictures ready just didn't find the time to do it with all the BEDM posts and life going on. I also have a week in meals for this week prepared and it will probably be up tomorrow or tuesday as it's a bank holiday over here anyway. I hope you don't mind this being so late and still enjoy the pictures of what I've eaten  this last week.

on monday me and some friends went out in the afternoon to celebrate their exams. and as it happens we got hungry and went to Brot&Spiele where they do the best burgers in town. I had a Italo Burger with Potato Wedges and it was delicious.

my mum brought home some liver and well I actually like liver and it's also good for anyone with iron deficiency. it's not one of the most popular things among many but there are actually a lot of things you can do with it. I just made a simple roasted liver with bacon, onions and parsley. and of course I had it with rice.

for a while I'd been fancying simple pasta with homemade tomato sauce so I tried to give that a go on thursday. I'm not yet amazing at making the sauce so I'll give it another go sometime soon. also I had it with my homemade ice tea which I love on the warmer days. and I found some Ben&Jerry's oh my apple pie! in my freezer. happy day.

friday is my lazy day as I'm not in uni that day and I like to chill a little bit and then try and get some work done over the rest of the weekend. I had a big breakfast with a soft boiled egg and buttered toast which kept me going for most of the day so I only had a pear banana strawberry smoothie for lunch. I was lazy again in the evening and went for some truffle tortellini with mushrooms and bacon. they are literally the most amazing tortellini ever. I love truffles.

as my boyfriend always makes lovely lasagna and I get jealous I thought I'd make one myself. this one is a vegetable lasagna with cheeky bacon though and it's really quick and easy to make. let me know if you'd like me to post the recipe.

sunday was another lazy day food wise as I still had some lasagna left from saturday. I had it with some green salad with tomatoes and basil and of course some iced tea again. 

yeah as you've probably realise wednesday went missing somehow and I really can't remember what I had that day but it obviously wasn't that interesting. hope you still liked this week in meals even though it's really late this time. also let me know if you prefer it with more or less story-telling included or if you just want me to list what I had. and as always let me know what you liked best and what your favourite meal of last week was. 



S said...

I'd like to see the recipe of the lasagne! Sounds good!

Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you! I'll definitely be posting it soon :) x

Rosie said...

Oooh I really fancy egg and soldiers now!