7 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Pets

today's topic is to talk about our pets, past and/or present. unfortunately I don't have any pets at the moment which is sad and good at the same time, but more about that later.

little la luna having fun with our ducks august and augustine. they loved each other.
for many years when I was little we had a lovely bearded collie lady (or rather wild girl) called La Luna which translates as the moon in italian. she was a wild thing when we first got her when I was three and wouldn't accept me as being her big sister for a while and she thought she was stronger than me and we had some issues. but as I got older and she learned to be a little less naughty we got along really well and had so much fun together.
she was a very special dog and everyone loved her even when she was annoying. when she died after 12 years everyone was really sad and I still have moments when I can hear her walking around the house even though she's never actually lived at this place with us. I will always miss and remember her.

yes that's her and little me in the boot of our car.
I really miss having a dog and I would absolutely love to get one but I know that at the moment I am not in the right place in life. I am moving to a different country over the summer and starting university. there will be so many new things happening and I know I won't have enough time or money for a little puppy who needs all sorts of attention that I know. so for now I hope I will find some dogs I can spent time with every now and then but I'll keep myself from getting a furry companion for at least the first two years of uni. but I will keep looking at videos, photos and saying 'awww look at that dog' everytime I see one I find cute.


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Magdalena Hannah said...

they surely do. I've read yours about tilly, so sweet.! xx

Just Me Leah said...

Thank you :) x x