3 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Day in the Life

as I am currently a student as well as a student to be I don't really have a daily routine. I am in uni four times a week usually but not always at the same times and all that. I do however try and get up the same time and when I don't have to be in uni early I try and use the time for things like blogging, studying or planning things as well as a lovely breakfast. 

so for this post I'd like to take you on a picture heavy tour throughout one of my days (thursday) which also happens to be one of my favourite days as it's my favourite class in uni. also as this is still a food blog I will include two recipes of two meals I had and yeah. let's get started.

Thursday, 2.5.2013

morning 9 am - 12 pm

I never used to be a morning person because I always went to bed ridiculously late when I was in school (no idea why even) but now I'm in uni I started going to bed earlier which means getting up in the morning is a lot more enjoyable. 
I usually get up, take a shower and grab myself some breakfast. also something I didn't use to do but I really enjoy breakfast now.

as you can probably tell I like to have tea, not even mainly in the morning but yesterday I went for my harrods mango tea (they're all amazing). I usually have a muesli in the morning consisting of yogurt, oatmeal and banana. however, yesterday I had banana porridge in the morning which was delicious.

I then went on to scribbling down some ideas/things I need to do for my blog in my lovely manchester united notebook and worked on yesterday's blog post.

dinner time 12 pm - 1 pm

my mum brought home some salmon which she kindly offered to make for dinner as I was still busy blogging. most of the time I cook for myself or for the both of us just because I enjoy it more than her but her salmon is delicious. and she agreed to let me use her recipe so I could share it with you all.

Mum's Salmon

salmon fillet
olive oil


if you're having it with rice then you'll want to start by preparing that.

for the salmon you'll marinate it with a bit of lemon juice just before
you heat the pan. heat a bit of olive oil in a pan (not too hot)
and add the salmon. 

be careful with it as it can break easily (as you can see above)
which doesn't affect the taste just depends what you want
it to look like really. it'll need about 3-5 minutes each side.

chop up some parsley and mix it with olive oil and a bit of lemon
juice to go on top of the salmon after it's done.

serve up the rice and arrange the salmon with some of the
parsley sauce to go on top. add a bit more lemon juice if you like.

afternoon 1 pm - 4:30 pm

being productive in the morning I felt like I could justify a bit of relaxing in the afternoon. so after doing the laundry (really not worth taking a picture of) I sat down to watch some house. I am absolutely in love with this tv series and I've watched it from the start so many times and recently I introduced it to my boyfriend who now started watching it again and made me watch it from the start again. what a great excuse.

I watched a few episodes of house but then I had to get ready to leave because my lecture started at 5 pm. 

the walk to uni 4:30 pm - 5 pm

we've had about two weeks of warm weather now and yesterday was the first time it was actually raining I think. weirdly enough it happend the day I blogged about spring but that's just how things work isn't it. however, I was actually happy about the rain. don't get me wrong I enjoy warm weather and sunshine as much as most people do but sometimes it can get a bit too much and I really love rain so I start missing it. so I happily grabbed an umbrella for my way to uni.

I walk to uni as it only takes about 20 minutes and I really enjoy walking also it saves me a lot of money I'd spent on the bus. I thought the rain would be refreshing but really it was still very warm and the rain just added a lot of humidity too it which didn't exactly make it nicer so as I arrived at uni I was extremely warm. also wearing my owl loafer shoe things (from new look) was probably not the best idea as they got a little wet on the way. but I love them so much.

I did make it to uni in time (surprisingly) as I left a bit late and took pictures on the way which didn't exactly make me get there faster. but I managed and as usually arrived before most people. it seems at uni you can be there as late as you want, you'll never be the last person to arrive.

uni time 5 pm - 7 pm

so this lecture is actually my favourite one which is probably or well definitely because it's the only one that is in english and I actually learn a lot about english there because the professor is just amazing. 

for those of you who don't know I study molecular biology at the university of graz at the moment and I am doing some english classes in my spare time but still at uni to prepare for when I go to the UK to study in september. and as my english is mostly school/talking/blogging english, a bit of academic writing is exactly what I needed.
it's small class with about 24 people and we do some great exercises. but don't let me bore you with all that. I bet you can guess my favourite colour from the picture above.

after class I thought I'd walk around uni a bit and take a few pictures of the actual main building as it's quite impressive. I didn't get to go to the building where most of my lectures are but I took a picture of the campus map for you zooming in on the 'centre of molecular biosciences' which is where I spent a lot of my time when I'm at uni.

the walk back 7 pm - 7:20 pm

walking back home it had cooled down a little bit so it was a little more enjoyable. plus for some reason I walk back a different way which is nicer too. also I met this lovely little thing only a few minutes away from my house. there were actually a lot of snails out because of the wet weather so I saw loads by the park close to my house. also you can see a bit of the church which is close to where I live.

I was a little tired after uni but mainly because of the warm/humid weather not because I'd spend 1 1/2 half hours in class that would just be sad. also excuse my incredibly frizzy hair which is also due to the weather.

evening/night 7:30 pm - 11 pm

when I got home me and the boyfriend watched another episode of house simultaneously (me on my tv here and him over in the UK) which is actually a lot of fun. just a bit of trouble getting it to start at the same time, but we have our methods which work more or less. after one episode of house it was almost football time (aka europa league semi final) and I went to the kitchen to get myself some food.

Panino with Mozzarela and Tomato

Panino (any kind of roll/bun/bap, ideally italian)
1/2 mozzarella
3 small tomatoes (I used yellow, green and red)
4 leaves of fresh basil

slice the panino and spread some pesto over both halves. 
on the bottom half start with lettuce/rocket, then mozzarella
slices, tomatoes, a bit of salt and the chopped basil leaves.
cover with the top half and enjoy.

I try and only have one big meal a day which was the salmon this time. also this gives me an excuse to have lovely sandwiches like this. I know they're not the most healthy alternative but spring is just perfect for lovely italian treats like this one and making them myself I know I use fresh ingredients. the worst thing about them is that after one I always fancy another one. luckily there was no more bread left yesterday.

of course a day in the life of magdalena is not complete without watching some football and luckily for this post there was actually some on yesterday. it was the europa leage semi final second leg chelsea against basel and well I wanted basel to win but that didn't work out. I'm not hugely bothered anyway though, will still be watching the final.

after the football (let's be honest I didn't watch it to the very end as chelsea were already 3-1 up) me and mr pies decided to do another simul-watch but this time of the new modern family episode. modern family is one of the most amazing series I've seen, it's funny and oh-so-cliché but in the best way ever. give it a watch if you haven't yet.

and of course no day would be complete without a bit of skyping with the mr which is always a good way to finish off a day. he always manages to cheer me up.

so that was a day in the life of magdalena and a very long post (apologies). I'm just glad I did it yesterday as today I'm properly boring and not doing much other than blogging, writing lists and watching even more house and of course some cooking.
looking forward to read everyone else's posts for today.


this post is part of the Blog Every Day in May series.


Amanda said...

Great post with amazing pictures! You have a very lovely blog! I look forward to reading more!

Just Me Leah said...

Great post! Your uni looks amazing, as does the food! x x

Lisa-Marie Hughes said...

I LOVE this post. Photos AND two recipes. :) Also we have matching rainy day umbrella pictures :)

Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you :D yeah all that rain all the time right?! haha x