19 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Favourite Tradition

'We all make up traditions that carry over year after year. What is your favourite tradition? Big or small, share the details and why you enjoy it.'

when we think traditions we think festive occasions of some sort. but to be honest I'm not a big fan of those especially not christmas. and I'm sure some traditions are really lovely but I really enjoyed just watching harry potter with my mum on christmas eve. I did love the turkey we made though, that'd be a nice tradition to keep I think.

full post about the turkey here.

I'm more one for simple traditions that are not actually pressuring you to do something when you might not feel like it. one of them for example is going to the pub with the boyfriend to watch the football. we don't do it all that often at the moment but we do it every once in a while and I really enjoy the atmosphere and the food. actually watching the football on a big screen is a bonus too. I can't wait to do this more often come september.

also there's traditions like going to hard rock cafe whenever we find ourselves somewhere that has one (london, manchester and paris for example) and we will always have the same cocktail because it brings back amazing memories.

I could probably think of many traditions like this now that I've started thinking about it, I guess that altogether I'm more a lover of the little traditions than the big ones as the little ones are a lot more fun and make life a lot better while the bigger ones are very often more of a burden. but that's only my opinion of course as I'm sure many big family traditions can be just as joyful as they are exhausting and annoying.


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