14 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Food, Glorious Food

'let's talk about food!'

being a food blogger I have been looking forward to this topic ever since I first saw the BEDM calendar. also, with all of this blogging every day in may thing going on I've had several people say that they miss my recipes. there have also been people saying that they like the posts I'm doing and I guess in the future I'll try and do a little bit of both as I do enjoy some lifestyle kind of posts every once in a while, but I surely do love my food and recipes.

so of course I am going to share a recipe with you today and it is a recipe that I can't take all the credit for as me and the boyfriend created it together. it's nothing too fancy either but it's a lovely meal that you can make for a little dinner with the family or friends or even if it's just the two of you. it's hearty but not heavy and it surely is suited for the warmer months as well as the colder ones (which hopefully won't be around too much longer).

I really do love creating some little recipes for myself and my blog and everyone who reads it and to get awesome feedback and people telling me that they miss my recipes really means a lot to me (even if it's my friends) so I look forward to sharing more with you in the near future. but I do love this challenge and I will most definitely finish it, including as much food as possible. but here come's a little recipe for all of you. hope you like it.

picture by Geraint Photography for Lullaby For Pies

Pork Medallions with Polenta Hearts and Carrots

pork tenderloin
beef or vegetable stock
parmesan cheese

preheat the oven to about 180°C. chop up some onions, garlic, and prepare the stock.
starting with the pork, take a frying pan and heat some oil/fat and over high heat fry the pork
about 1 minute each side. then transfer the pork to an ovenproof dish.
also add some chopped onions, garlic, salt and a bit of the stock. transfer this into the oven.
it'll need about 20-25 minutes in there. but keep checking it.

while the pork can do its work in the oven, peel the carrots (or just wash them if they're fresh and nice).
and steam them or cook over low heat with a litte bit of water until soft but not too soft.
(I'll leave it up to you how you like them, I don't want them to be too soft anyway)
keep the water after the carrots are done and add to the stock (don't wanna waste the taste do we)

make sure you keep checking the pork from time to time and adding stock when it says it needs some
(it won't talk to you but, you can ask I guess, but do it every 7 minutes if it doesn't talk to you)

for the polenta, bring three times the amount of water to polenta to a boil. (ok so if you choose a mug
and fill that with water three times, and bring that to a boil, and then fill the mug with polenta once)
add the polenta when it's boiling but oooh be careful because this can turn into lava. stand back and
lower the heat and stir while it's bubbling. this can be scary but it is necessary.
when it's done (it'll take about 4 minutes of lava-state) grate up some parmesan and with
a bit of butter add that to the polenta. then you'll want to get a baking tray or something which you can line
with greaseproof paper. spread the polenta on to the paper and wait for it to cool down.
once it's set you can get a cookie cutter in any shape (we chose hearts) and cut out some nice
polenta shapes. you can then leave them as they are or put in the oven for a bit of crunchy-ness.

once the pork is done take it out and wrap in tinfoil for a little bit while you take the gravy and pour it into 
a pan. add some cornflour (ideally dissolved in cold water) and butter and stir away until the consistency
feels right to you. I know everyone likes their gravy a different way.

then you just have to serve it all up nicely with the carrots (which you can keep warm in the oven)
and polenta hearts for everyone. and don't forget the pork and a lot of gravy! and you have a lovely
spring/summer dinner that everyone will enjoy (hopefully).

tip!! add a little bit of parsley to the gravy if you want to give it that little something something
spring feeling.

picture by Geraint Photography for Lullaby For Pies

picture by Geraint Photography for Lullaby For Pies


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Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you! :) would be a shame though to make a lovely meal and then not eat it because it looks lovely ;) xx