12 May 2013

Blog Ever Day in May: Collecting

am I collecter or a hoarder or the exact opposite? well when I read what today's topic was I thought I didn't really have anything to say here as I'm neither really. I used to be horrible and not be able to throw things away being scared they might be important in some way (when obviously they weren't) but I've gotten better and I now know exactly which things are important and I have regular clean outs and all those things.
well but it seems I forgot that there actually is something I collect which is I guess, well a little unusual? but then again everyone who collects things probably thinks of themselves as being a bit weird but well. 

My name is Magdalena and I collect rubber ducks.

I can't even remember when this started, but I don't think it was that long ago actually. I've always loved ducks as we had some when I was little and those little bath companions are just so adorable. I have since started buying them whenever I go places (& they sell them in the souvenir shops) and I even had friends giving me some for my birthday which makes me really happy. the only thing is that I'm not sure if I'll always have enough space for all of them in my bathroom. even now some of them reside in my bedroom on the bookshelf.

I have all sorts now, some that change their colour when they're in warm water, huge ones and ones that act as a shower gel dispenser and of course the ones from different places. I have the queen, an olympic duck and three welsh ducks and even some that glow in the dark. also there's three special Manchester United ducks who are especially happy celebrating their 20th league title today (sorry, had to throw that in somewhere). but I'm always looking for more ducks. as long as there'll be space in my future bathroom.


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Hannah Green said...

I have a big duck with 3 little ducks inside it, and a colour changing one that goes from purple to bright pink, that's as far as my collection goes though! Yours is quite impressive!

Hannah xo


Janey said...

Ah, what a lovely collection!

Magdalena Hannah said...

that sounds really cute though! :) xx

Laura Sutton said...

Love it!

Just Me Leah said...

Cute collection! x x