31 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: One Whole Month!

'Hoorah! Well done, you have made it through the month. How was it for you? Did you learn anything? What did you enjoy? What did you dislike? Sum it all up!'

wow. can you believe BEDM is all finished now? and more importantly can you believe it's the end of may already? where is all the time gone? crazy!

I loved this challenge and I really want to thank Rosalilium for creating it and bringing together so many bloggers. I also want to thank the incredibly lovely Tilly for making me join BEDM. 

I loved writing about things I would never normally write about and even though I struggled sometimes I am very glad I managed to post every day and every topic. who would have thought? of course that also meant I didn't get to post as many of my recipes as I usually would but it also means I have many of them coming now as of course I haven't stopped cooking just because I'm not posting about it as much. I loved that sometimes I was able to sneak in some recipes in posts and even create a whole menu for my dinner party post which was definitely one of my favourites.

I wrote some of the posts about an hour before midnight but I managed and I have to say I am rather proud of myself. I love how many people I've met because of this and I will always look back on the posts and enjoy reading through them again. I hope that my readers enjoyed it too and liked getting to know me a little bit better maybe. let me know if you like the lifestyle kind of posts and I will try and do some more of them in the future alongside my recipes. 

Blog Every Day in May has been a great experience and I enjoyed every bit about it. it will not be so easy to get back to my usual blogging but I definitely learned new things and got ideas for posts I could write. I have also met new bloggers which is always brilliant. I am glad I took part and want to thank everyone who did too.


this post is part of the Blog Every Day in May series.


Just Me Leah said...

We got through it! Yay! It was good to see more of you :) x x

Steven said...


Tilly said...

You are SO welcome! I'm glad you decided to join in on BEDM because its been wonderful seeing a different side to you, I've really enjoyed reading your posts! x

Magdalena Hannah said...

aww thank you very much lovely! :) I've loved yours too! xx