7 May 2013


I'm back with all the food I've eaten last week and as you might have noticed I'm a bit late this week. but some  36 hours don't make a huge difference I don't think. this week was quite busy in some ways, goodbyes were said I didn't want to say and I started a rather exciting blogging challenge and met some lovely friends for drinks. but here's my week in meals for you now.

monday was mr pies last full day in austria with me and we decided to make the most of it by taking a little walk through town which included sharing a lovely farmers burger at Brot & Spiele who have the loveliest burgers in graz. we then went on to pick up some things for a little buffet as we just wanted to chill and watch some films. we got sushi at Eat Asia and some macaroons at the supermarket. oh and we had some yorkshires left over from sunday so that was lovely too. I like a nice buffet and I certainly love sushi. 

a sad day which to be honest even a nice meal couldn't have made better but I have to admit this bbq platter was trying it's best.

wednesday things were kind of starting to look up a little at least I got into my breakfast routine again and made some banana porridge which was rather lovely. it was also a lovely day and I fancied something a little mediterranean and I wanted polenta so I made up this little meal with creamy polenta and mediterranean veg. 
another good thing about wednesday has to be that I started the blog every day in may challenge.

thursday I got myself to get up early (which is kind of a lie as I just woke up) and get some things done as well as start documenting my whole day for the 'a day in the life of' post for the blogging challenge. (read my whole post here). I started the day off with a lovely cup of tea and some more porridge. my mum made a nice salmon fillet which I absolutely loved (you can find the recipe for it here) and in the evening I treated myself to a mozzarella and tomato panini. food wise a very successful day.

friday started off equally as motivated as thursday as I really have some things to do for uni and future uni and you know, the usual things (blogging). so I got myself going with a little mozzarella and tomato sandwich (and a cup of tea). in the evening a friend asked me to go for some drinks which was good as it good me out of the house. but before I left I made myself some turkey medallions with summer veg.

for saturday my dad invited me over to his place for a greek style bbq (that's what I call it) as he loves to make souvlaki (kebabs) when the weather gets nicer. he is really good at it too. so we had a little get together and I helped him do the souvlaki which is a lot of fun. also as sweet as he is he made a soft boiled egg for me and himself as we were really hungry before the meal.

seems I somehow manage to get the same things in here too many times. first the mozzarella and tomato themed things and now a soft boiled egg. again. but I don't think anyone will disagree when I say it's a lovely sunday breakfast with some toast to dunk (and the cup of tea again). in the afternoon I made myself some pasta with ham, truffled olive paste and parsley (basically what I found in the fridge and on the balcony, also with a little help from my mum) which was just the right thing to chill and join the bloggers chat on twitter.

I hope you all had a lovely week full of lovely food too. as always let me know what you loved eating this past week and if you want to see any recipe posts about mine.



Rhiannon said...

Oh my they all look so yummy! I love your little duck egg holder, it's so sweet. Thursday's meal looks so good, though I love sushi, I need to get one of those kits and try making them one day x

Lucy Chapman said...

Everything looks delicious! I'm a egg and soldiers fan too!

Lucy Loves To Cook