13 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Go Green!

'let's talk about being eco-friendly or ethical. what do I do to make a difference?'

I could talk about not driving and taking public transport instead or walking (which I do) but if I'm honest I mainly do that because I can't drive and I wouldn't be able to afford a car anyway. but if you do have a car I think it's important to realise when you can just walk/bike somwhere, it'll save yourself some money and the environment some CO2.

what can a foodie do for the environment?

but now to what I actually do and it's something that as someone who loves food and loves to cook comes naturally to me. I'm sure for some people it just seems like pure magic that you can buy strawberries in january. and even worse, for some it's just natural but it's nowhere near natural in fact. but there's still hope for those as you do still know what a real strawberry looks like.

imagine picture of a market here which I didn't have.
I was gonna draw a strawberry but then I realised I suck at drawing.

go seasonal. think, do you really need strawberries in january or asparagus in september? for generations and generations people were able to enjoy delicious meals without being able to access fruit and vegetables who had been grown in warmer countries and then brought to them by plane. they were happy folks and knew how to make the best of seasonal products. do your research and find out which products are seasonal chances are you'll get regional ones then.

go local. along the same lines and this will not only support your local economy but also your own as local products tend to be a lot cheaper. go find your nearest market and when buying in the supermarket check where things are from.

meaty. the rules are the same for meat. check where it's from and ideally find out where your local butcher is. not only should we support them anyway but you'll also most definitely get your meat for cheaper and the butcher will know where it came from.

student? no excuses. those are the main things I try and do and I will continue doing when I start uni in september. don't think that as a student you can't afford to buy local things. in fact if you find a market/butcher you can get things much cheaper and buy the exact amount that you need that way you won't waste anything.

don't limit yourself. if you really need a pineapple or strawberries for that dessert then get them, just realise that they don't grow around the corner and that it's not something we should see as normal or natural.

those are just the things I try and do to go green when it comes to food and buying it. I surely could do more and I'll try my best but maybe this has given some of you some ideas even though I'm sure most of you already know all those things.


this post is part of the Blog Every Day in May series.


English Rose from Manchester said...

Ooh I love "green" posts. I like hearing what other people do to be more ethical and eco.
I just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for one of my Liebster Blog Awards as I always enjoy reading your blog posts!
It's quite a nice one to carry on!
Jen x

Wonderlusting said...

Good tips. another small thing is to try and only buy what you need especially with fruit & veg - i used to buy too much and ended up throwing food away but now I try to think and plan ahead

Just Me Leah said...

Good tips! x x

Magdalena Hannah said...

yeah that's definitely important. I hate throwing stuff out. that's why going to the market is brilliant because you can buy exactly what you need, not more. :)

Rhiannon said...

I don't think any of these came across my mind. Some great extra tips here x