30 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Who Inspires You?

'Who inspire you? Are they close to you? Somebody famous? Or even somebody infamous?'

I found this a very interesting topic but definitely not the easiest one to write. I was never one to say 'I want to be like her' when I was younger but I think there are so many very inspiring people around that it's hard to narrow it down really. to be honest you will probably find most of them in my fantasy dinner party post. 

after writing that post however, I thought of so many more people I could have listed but then my imaginative garden wouldn't have been big enough that's for sure. one person who I previously mentioned in a post (here) is sir alex ferguson. he is not so much a role model, not a person where I'd say I want to be like him mainly as I'm neither scottish nor a man or exceptionally good at football. he is just an inspiring person in general even would be for people who are not that much into football. he shows how committed you can be to something you are passionate about and that he will stay with the club even after retirement shows how much it really means to him. that is something I find so very important in life. I don't think you have to stay in the same job for 26 years to be happy but sometimes you have to commit to something and it'll make you happy.

then there are so many artists who inspire me as of course I am a huge music lover. you can find some of my favourites in my music love post. one of the most inspiring however is definitely micheal stipe, I have mentioned him in my dinner party post too as I would absolutely love to chat with him. he seems like the nicest and most calm person and how amazing would it be to talk to someone who writes genius lyrics? I also find it fascinating how he managed to have a career in music and still keep to himself. he's truly inspiring for me.

another person or well actually two who are definitely an inspiration for me are my parents. I know that's probably cliché but I am happy to have them as parents and especially when it comes to supporting my plans to go to the UK they have been incredible. my dad had a hard time getting to terms with it at first and probably still has but he'll find a way to deal with it and he's really supportive and happy for me too. my mum has been amazing right from the start and always made me feel confident about my plans and she's helping me as much as she can. I know it can't be easy to see your child move to another country so they are definitely an inspiration in that sense, and in many other too.

who are the people who inspire you the most and why?


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Nikki said...

Totally with you on Sir Alex :)

Magdalena Hannah said...

right?! he's amazing!