26 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Fantasy Dinner Party

'Dinner party time - Who would you invite? What music is playing? What are you eating? Is there entertainment? Let your imagination go wild!'

this is definitely one of the best topics of this whole challenge and such a great idea. however, I did find it quite hard to think of everything and I'm a person who wants to plan it all. not that everything always goes to plan but I like to at least have an outline of things. but I tried, so here it goes.

The Guests
  • Hermione and Ron (I could do with some studying tips and I've always liked Ron much better than Harry)
  • Hagrid, Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore (three of the most inspirational characters in all of the books)
  • Michael Stipe (singer of R.E.M. and an absolute idol of mine who I've always wanted to meed, such a genius)
  • Brandon Flowers (need I say more?)
  • William Shakespeare (always wanted to know what he really looked like and how he talks and what his inspiration was)
  • Jamie Oliver (I mean, of course!)
  • Dr. Gregory House 
  • James Watson and Fracis Crick (the guys who discovered the double-helix)
  • Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (me and my mum always watched the show together)
  • Mum (because I know she'd love to meet everyone too)
as you can tell I'm being a bit of a harry potter and science geek here but there are so many people out there I'd love to be able to speak to. I'm sure if I had time to think longer or if you asked me in a few weeks I could think of more people but that's today's list.

The Venue
the party will be taking place in a lovely garden and everyone will be sat around a round table so that everyone can talk to everyone as I'm sure there'll be some interesting conversations going on. there will also be a bar area with smaller tables to stand so people don't have to sit around the table all night, they can go and socialize with whoever they want.

The Music
I will create a playlist asking everyone of the guests to select some of their favourite songs so everyone will have something to look forward to, I will also be selecting some of my favourites. also there will be the option for the more musically talented among the guests to grab a mic and perform themselves.

The Menu
when the guests arrive there will be a strawberry mint fruit punch waiting for them as a welcome drink which will also be available at the bar later along with several cocktails. after the welcome drink the guests can sit around the table. they will find a menu there and can choose from two starts, two mains and two desserts. they can also ask to have half half if they want to try everything. here's the menu for you.

I loved this post and not only do I now desperately want a garden dinner party but also try all those things I invented for the menu. I loved writing this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it. what would you choose from the menu?


this post is part of the Blog Every Day in May series.


Just Me Leah said...

Ooh this sounds lovely. I used to work with a Scottish lady who met Michael Stipe in a Scottish pub. He loved that she didn't know who he was, insisted she call him 'Mike' and spent all evening chatting with her. When her friend later said 'Do you know who that is?' Ninette was so surprised to find such a major star is such a lovely, down to earth man. So if he did come to your party, I'm certain he'd be lovely! x x

Sunae @ Little Foal said...

Yum! I want to be invited to your dinner party, too now! haha all that food sounds delicious :) I love planning things such as this in my head. I may have to do a similar post a little later in the week :) xx

Magdalena Hannah said...

wow that's so amazing! I'd really love to meet him I'm sure he's such a lovely person :) x

Magdalena Hannah said...

you are definitely invited! and you should do a post like this it's so much fun! :) xx

Just Me Leah said...

Yes, he's one of the rare folk not turned into an arsehole by fame! x