29 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Morning Ritual

'Tell us about what you do every morning to help you get ready for the day ahead.'

I'm in uni in the morning most days so I need to somehow get myself out of bed and to uni until 8.15. I set my alarm for 6.30 which might seem ridiculous and it probably is but I like to know that I have enough time in the morning and to be honest I tend to just stay in bed until 7 anyway. probably not the smartest thing to do really but I hope I won't have to get up this early come september. I've heard the best time to get up (health and you know, body timing wise) is 7.22 so fingers crossed I can set my alarm to that time soon.

once I get out of bed at around 7 (sometimes 7.15 if I fall asleep again,  oops) I go to the kitchen and drink a big glass of water to get my metabolism going and wake up properly. sometimes that works. I then take a shower and get ready for uni which usually doesn't take ages as I don't tend to wear anything special really, jeans and a jumper/blouse are enough. 

I do try and have breakfast every morning and it usually works when I get up early enough. I prepare a little muesli with oats yogurt and banana (and sometimes other fruit aswell) and eat it once I'm all changed and ready while listening to some music and checking my blog and twitter. I don't like eating when I'm not completely ready yet because then it feels rushed and eating while you're in a rush is one of the worst things ever. I have also recently discovered overnight oats which are a lovely thing for breakfast and even great for days I happen to stay in bed until 7.15.

once I've eaten I get all my things together I need for uni meaning I make sure my pen and paper are in my bag, a very difficult task indeed. once that's all sorted I leave the house and walk to uni. it's a 15-ish minute walk and I try and leave the house at around 7.50 which a lot of the time doesn't work but as long as I still get to uni in time it's fine. I think this walk is one of the main things that get me ready for the day, I love to walk and it's especially great in the morning to get some energy. that and a good portion of neurobiology and genetics are all I need for a good start to the day.


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Maxine murohy said...

Can't eat breakfast Magdalena but yours sounds lovely!

Tilly said...

You're so organised with your morning!

Magdalena Hannah said...

well I try to be! doesn't always work out x

Sunae @ Little Foal said...

I'm so jealous you get to walk to uni :( I have a 40 minute drive to mine!

Magdalena Hannah said...

that's long :/ I love walking, I hope I can still walk to my next uni. x