20 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Newsflash

'Talk about something that is in the news today.'

Ok so I am going to cheat a little bit on this one. and don't get me wrong there are several things on the news every day that matter to me and that I think about and talk about to my friends. but we are surrounded by bad news every day and of course the world is not all rainbows and cake but those things are certainly important for those rainy days right?

picture of Old Trafford by Geraint Photography

ok but I am not going to talk about cakes either, in fact I want to talk about something that has very little to do with this blog at all, only those who have been reading my very first posts know that I sometimes to talk about football on here. I don't do it a lot anymore which is mainly because there are people who are a lot better at it (for example this guy) but since today's topic is newsflash and it was the last day of the season yesterday I thought why not.

right so after I've now lost about 2/3 (or more) of my readers I shall ramble on and talk a little bit about this season and what happened and what has been in the news lately (because that is the topic right?). as you may or may not know I am a Manchester United fan (I have now lost a further 30 % of my readers) which means it has been a rather successful season for us, we've won the title this year so it ended rather successful aswell. however, this victory has been overshadowed by the loss of one of the most important men the club has ever had. sir alex ferguson has resigned as united manager after 26 years in charge of the team. this has left many wondering where the journey will go and even more with tears in their eyes. many will say this is crazy and not something to be sad about as there are the before mentioned actual sad news every day. but I believe that just because there are worse things in life doesn't mean we can't be sad about the things that might seem silly. 

but things have to change at some point I guess and after 13 premier league wins sir alex will retire as united manager but not leave the club behind (which I am very happy about). and us united fans being so used to his face will now get used to david moyes as our manager. things have to change even at a club like united but we could not have wished for a better manager over the last 26 years.

thank you sir alex! and thank you too to the remaining 3.34 % of my readers that read through this post. I know it was different but I just wanted to write about it. I will get back to my normal food/lifestyle/being me writing again tomorrow but you can let me know if you enjoy a football post every once in a while. we'll see about that though.


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Just Me Leah said...

I don't mind a football post now and then - it's fun to read about people's interests. x x

Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you that means a lot. was scared I'd bore everyone. oh and congratulations for being one of the 3.34 % :D xx

Just Me Leah said...

Hehehe :) x x