8 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: First Job

first of all can you believe we're already this far into the blog every day in may challenge? I certainly can't and I'm proud I've done every single post so far.

today's topic is another perfect one for me (*cough* not so much) but I will do it anyway and the good thing is it involves food. firstly it's not that easy as to what I'd class as my first ever job as we've done work experience for a week at a time for school already when I was about 10 but let's be honest it was a good experience but neither can I completely remember every detail or interesting story or was it extremely interesting. so I chose to tell you about my first summer job which me and my friend got when we were about maybe 12 or 13. at the time it was my absolute dream to become a chef just like jamie oliver, I wanted to go to a school where I had cooking lessons (which I did) and go to study where jamie oliver studied and live in the UK (which I still want). so far so good. as my friend's dad knew this guy who happened to be a chef and owned a catering business (complicated right?) we got ourselves a three week contract (which was big at the time).

another big thing was getting up at 5:30 in the morning to get there but I was surely happy to do that so I could do some kitchen stuff. the main thing I remember was the smell of warm chocolate that greeted us every morning when we entered the kitchen in our cooking outfits (we must have been incredibly cute and I wish I had a picture but I can't seem to find it). and believe me this smell of chocolate must be what put me off a career in the cooking industry (or the fact that I now love science and many other things) but it surely wasn't nice.
we spent most of our time preparing boxes for their deliveries and cleaning shelves which I guess is what they needed us for and fair enough but I would have liked to do a bit more. 
another highlight was cleaning the cold storage which we did wearing our jackets whilst the cleaning utensils froze to the shelves. it was actually quite fun as we often took sneaky bits of cake that were on the shelves.

surely the best part must have been the breaks when we got the most amazing dinner ever (and that every day) which is I guess another reason I'm glad I don't still want to become a chef, I would be huge! also one day they made loads and loads of buckets full of milk rice which smelled and tasted delicious (we got a bowl or two of it) how cool is that?!

so I have to say it was a great experience and we had fun too even cleaning the shelves and putting boxes together and I've learned over time that being a chef is not my dream job for now but surely food will always be important and I'll continue learning new things every day.

so this was my first job and I can't wait to read about everyone else's!




Just Me Leah said...

It just had to be in the food industry! :) x x

Magdalena Hannah said...

yeah I need to somehow keep my food loving readers entertained haha :D xx