28 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Bad Advice

'What is the worst advice you have ever received?'

'do you really need to drink 8 glasses of water a day?' that's what my fitness app said the other day. you must think now that I have a very happy life never having received worse advice than that but truth is I just mainly can't remember any bad advice I've been given. but let's get back to what my app said I mean isn't that ridiculous? 8 glasses of water equal 2 litres of water and I am sure a person is supposed to drink even more than that. I know why I don't listen to this app so I guess I've learned something from this 'advice'.

but on a serious note now. we all receive bad advice at some point in our lives and unfortunately a lot of the time this is by people we trust and who should know better than to say things they are not sure about. a lot of the time when we are younger and our teachers/parents tell us that we can't do that and we're bad at something we take them way too seriously and that might in the worst case keep us from doing something we love just because others seem to think we're not good at it. 

of course there's also that kind of advice we think is bad but actually isn't. sometimes we don't want to listen to a friend's advice because we don't want them to know better. but hey sometimes they are and that's fine because another day we can tell them something they didn't know and they'll be happy about that (or not so much but that's ok too).

the point is think for yourself. don't let people tell you you're bad at something when you know you're not but at least have a think about what someone tells you because maybe they are right and maybe you need to do something different but you'll have to figure that out by yourself at the end of the day. mainly, don't let anyone tell you that 8 glasses of water a day are too much especially when they don't know what size your glass is. point made.


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Trampstudent said...

Some scientists agree that the 8-glass rule is a myth (although water is obviously good in general) - http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=eight-glasses-water-per-day

Magdalena Hannah said...

that's interesting thanks :) no one says that it's bad for me though! :D xx