24 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: what's in my fridge

'Describe and/or photograph what is in your fridge right now. Be honest!'

I would have loved to have taken a picture of my/me and my mum's fridge right now but to be honest it is an absolute mess (so that's the 'be honest' part taken care of). I wanted to clean and sort it all out for the purpose of this post but I have been very busy lately preparing for my exam so I thought why not do a 'list of things I always have in my fridge' which is also kind of a reminder for me to always have those things when I'll move out in september. maybe remind me and in september I'll do an updated one and actually take a picture too. deal?

images taken from groceries.asda.com and www.austria-onlineshop.com.
obviously at one point or another I will have different items in my fridge but these are just some staples which I need pretty much all the time.

the vegetables I always need are lemons (not only one!), courgette, cucumber, pepper (doesn't have to be red), lettuce (or some kind of rocket or salad-y thing). so basically everything I need for one my of quick meals like some rice with veg or a greek salad.

moving on to dairy I am not actually someone who drinks milk, I'm not a coffee drinker and I prefer my tea just with sugar (oh shock!) even though I have to say that if I'll live with my boyfriend we'll have milk in the house as he can't live without it. I need my mediterranean cheeses such as parmesan, feta and of course mozzarella. can't have a good pasta without parmesan, no greek salad without feta and of course no life without mozzarella in general.
then we have butter, real butter as I say, not margarine only real butter made from milk and all that. don't like the taste of the other thing and it's not particularly healthy either. and of course I need my yogurt for my daily dose of muesli in the morning. oh and cheddar, because you can't live in britain without having cheddar in the house (I don't have it when I'm in austria).

I'm not usually one to have loads of meat in the house as I don't tend to eat loads of it, but if I have something it would be chicken breast because you can just do so many things with it. and the parma ham is an example of something I'd love on a good italian sandwich, not that I could afford it all the time but it's a nice treat. 

so on to the things that don't really fall into a category, at least not one that I can think of. of course I need my pesto! it's amazing if you want a quick pasta because everything tastes good with pesta. but I also love to use it in a mozzarella tomato sandwich. and well being the austrian/styrian I am I do need my pumpkin seed oil I have it here and I will most certainly have my bottle when I'm in the UK too. and the good old olive oil can't be forgotten either. most important for a greek salad and a nice pasta sauce.

I hope you liked this different kind of fridge post and hope you didn't mind me not including a picture of our rather messy fridge. but as I said I shall do one of these kinds of posts once I have a fridge that's sorted out as I really loved the idea. looking forward to reading everyone else's post.

what's the most essential thing in your fridge?


this post is part of the Blog Every Day in May series.


Maxine murphy said...

Wine! No seriously milk x butter and anything to put on a sandwich, oh fresh tomatoes also x lettuce , enjoyed reading your blog thanks for sharing x

Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you very much for your comment :) definitely something for sandwiches! very important! :) xx

Just Me Leah said...

A very healthy fridge! x x

Shanon Wise said...

I've been loving that Pure Irish Butter lately! So creamy!
Thanks for sharing :)

I did a "what's in my fridge" post recently as well.
I'd have to say my most essential item is coconut water!