23 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Compliments

'Tell us about the best compliment you have ever received.'

I am rather tired today as I've had quite a long day which of course I am not used to as a student. so please excuse the shortness of this post which is not only due to being tired but also because I find it quite a hard one to write. if I'm honest I don't know what the best compliment that I have ever received is, although I would probably remember if my brain was a little less tired right now so let's just blame it on that.

so instead of talking about the best compliment I will talk about the most recent one as it was also kind of funny and I definitely remember it as it was only today. I was at a summer fĂȘte today which was at my school. I left school last year but even though I don't miss it desperately (more about that here) it's nice to sometimes go back and meet some people and as one of my friends from uni was going too I thought I might aswell see how it goes.

while walking around and buying food I ran into my former form teacher and also my english teacher for five years. she's a really lovely person, a little chaotic but truly lovely. so I went up to her and said hello, she greeted me and then one of the first (and only) things she said (as she was in a rush) was: 'you look good, it's doing you good not being at school anymore'.
well I have to say she is one to make funny compliments and maybe this one isn't that weird or funny at all. it was to me anyway. I thought it was nice though because she's actually probably right, I did really enjoy my last year at school but I am extremely happy to finally do something I am really passionate about and I do believe that a happy person is probably more beautiful. I can't really say that about myself but all I know is that I am happier right now and it was a nice compliment.

sorry for the kind of short and probably rather boring story today but I will try and get some rest and make tomorrow's post a bit more interesting. until then, thank you for reading and don't forget to leave a comment if you want.


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Elizabeth said...

So true - a happy person is a beautiful person.